Ping issue // Maybe virus related?

Hey guys! so, I need help because Im developing a game and the game occurs normally in the start point (kinda of lobby thing) but player gets teleported to other position (same place tho) and suddenly the ping gets sooooooo high and the game becomes unplayable. I already searched scripts but I only found the ones that I made so idk why that is happening, can it be mesh related? parts related? I really dont know so please help me out, if you’re reading this any help counts!

if you need any questions i can provide videos and images to explain a bit better my issue

here’s a simple image explaning the issue (my ping was 55k and my internet is good so idk how that happens in-game)

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Do you get similar laggy behavior if you create a Test Server in Studio?

actually, it does not… it only happens when im testing it in-game

Try disabling every Script/LocalScript in your game and manually teleport yourself using the command prompt in the Developer Prompt. If the ping spikes again, this is most likely a Roblox issue and not something you’ll be able to fix.

If it doesn’t spike, though, then try re-enabling Scripts piecemeal until your ping starts spiking again. See if you can’t isolate the behavior down to a single Script!

Try to use a plugin like RoDefender to check for viruses