Pirate's Fray (former Sea of Pirates) - Private Servers & Team Select!

We are back!

On January 24th our game got taken down because of a DMCA request from Microsoft.
We changed the name and after some back and forth with Roblox the game is back!

Roblox has been very helpful since the restoration of the game, helping us get back on track :slight_smile: !

So what’s new? … we now have and support Free private Server!

Awesome things you can do with a private server:

  • You can create a server and invite whoever you want!
  • Only those invite get to play with you
  • Challenge someone 1v1?
  • Host 3rd party tournaments!

To further compensate the private servers we revamped the team selection! Before every battle people can get to chose their side. Friends can decide to be on the same team!

Revamped Shop and new Inventory

  • This new revamped Shop and Inventory allow us to properly display items with particle effects like the fire skull!
  • The inventory system is also in preparation for Open World, since you will need it :wink:

Future plans:

Bazooka Legends
While the game was locked down, we started to work on a small side project…

Finishing pets
We have been also working on pets, more specifically parrots in January, they are mostly done, we just need to finish the shop for them (which can also take a week or so).

…after these we will be working simultaneously on continuing Open World (will take 1-2 months)
and creating Weapons Skins.

Consider joining the group for more frequent status updates and to meet other members of the community!

Best regards,
Team Water Pups