Pirate's Fray - Pets Update!

We’re happy announce that the first wave of pets have finally arrived!

The new shop awaits!

The red carpet has rolled out of the new Cash Shop!

This features a few of our newly created outfit bundles!

Future plans:

  • Finishing Bazooka Legends our second game
  • More Boy/Man hairstyles
  • Beards
  • Weapons Skins
  • More Game Modes!

Open world is currently on a hold for an unspecified period. We have decided to first focus on expanding the game in game modes and adding a wider variety of customization.

We do plan on making a few Game Modes that involve fighting monsters instead of players to add more fun for those that are not keen on playing Player vs Player all the time. So look forward to that!

Best Regards,
Team Water Pups