Pistol - mouse cursor disappears

ShoulderCamera.txt (37.8 KB)

i said like this

local lol = "lol"

Obviously trying to modify someone else’s work. Again, writing your own scripts wouldn’t hurt and you’d know what was going on.

He is too big

I can not do it. This is best script

I have a GUI in my game to change teams. Maybe it’s better to paste the mouse script there?

Then you need to start somewhere else, something more simple. Then you can start doing scripts like these all by yourself and understand every single bit of what’s going on like you would when writing a document in Word for example.

Good resources for making a gun:

Why don’t you want him to help me?

I’m talking to you. No one else. I’m saying that you should write your own scripts so you understand what’s going on instead of using the Scripting Support category to get others to help you with a script you don’t understand and didn’t make.