Pistol - mouse cursor disappears


Hello to all! This is a great gun model, but when I add it to the game I cannot use the GUI and GUI buttons because the mouse cursor disappears. I want the camera to take a view from the shoulder only when the gun is in my hands. what to do?


Well, there is a modulescript inside the gun, shouldercam or something like that.

I would do:

shouldercam.Disabled = false

shouldercam.Disabled = true

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It is do not work :frowning: Can you do it in script?

I could give you robaxes if you do everything ready-made.

You can’t just ask for someone to do your job here.

But i need help. I really need it!

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You can try watching some videos to learn how to script, and then implement what @Stelth155_Dev said. You can’t ask for someone else to script it for you.

why i can not do it? I can pay

It’s probably a better idea to make your own tools then fix a free model.


Ok so, ive just realised how stupid i am. Disabled is not a property of a modulescript.

So what i can do? I really need it

when does it disappear


give me the code and ill fix it

no the actual code im not in studio, ok?

ShoulderCamera.txt (3.4 KB)

Is this format suitable? The script is too large, so I can not send it as messages

There are other scripts there.

copy the entire code and paste it inside 3 backticks

Write your own scripts and you won’t have to face problems like these.

i think he is trying to make a change mouse icon script

he’s a begginer let him learn

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