Pivot away from point (angles)

Hey everyone,
Recently i’ve been trying to learn more math than I’m somewhat familiar with and with this i’ve been hitting a few bumps, one of which I’d like to ask for your support on!

Right now I’m trying to work on a system which pushes objects rooted in the ground away from the player (example shown in the images below). I’ve tried a few different methods to achieve this effect however none produce results anywhere close to nice. I’ve tried changing cframes, welds, and motor6ds however I’m failing to understand the math behind it. This being said I believe motor6ds is the way to go through my own testing.

How would I transform one cframe to another whilst keeping the object connected to its pivot point using motor6s please?

Circle being a radius, line being object, red being pivot point.

Example of what I’m going for in a foliage style

Thanks for your time, greatly appreciate any help I can get!


I’m not sure if your question is phrased to your intentions, but from what reads it sounds like you simply want the C1 property. C0 is the pivot point of a joint and C1 is the offset. Anything applied to C1 will, for simplistic purposes, move based on the pivot point and not the object (moving Part1, not Part0). This sounds like what you are wanting.


That’s not exactly what i’m looking for but that’s bumped my head back into gear a little. Below is an image of a Motor6D with its C0 (red dot), C1 (at the same position as the pivot point), and the pivot point (green sphere).


How would I place the pivot point onto C0 whilst keeping the model where it is. In my head I’m thinking of just flipping the c0 and c1 positions but trying it gave incorrect results. I can do it manually just by dragging the pivot point down however it’s supposed to be generated during runtime.


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I’ve actually been able to get this somewhat working on single objects, although it’s still not perfect i’m able to produce more natural results now.

I’ve increased the range and added a colour change to show which areas are affected