Pivot edit tool doesnt snap properly

Reproduction steps:

  1. Have a Model containg two BaseParts that are next to eachother

  2. Bring out the Edit Pivot tool with the Snap option enabled

  3. Edit the pivot of any of those two BasePart

Current behavior

The pivot snap points will go beyond the selected part like so:

You can see how the snap points change to not so useful location the moment you drag the handles

Expected behavor

I expect to be able to edit the pivot of the selected PVInstance independent of whatever is around it almost like so:

I say almost because in that clip you can still see the snap points showing up on the other BasePart

The current workaround for this is to move the part you are trying to edit far away from any other parts, then edit its pivot and move it back to where it was.

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We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and we’ll follow up when we have an update!

Thanks for the report!


This is the currently intended behavior.

The idea is that for complex models (especially those with MeshParts whose bounding boxes max be overlapping) trying to snap to the hotspots of the individual parts would not work very well or be what people want. Consider a model made up of 100 parts, trying to snap to closest hotspot of the closest part probably won’t be very useful.

The cost is that you might expect it to work on a simple model like this but it doesn’t.

Could you give some details on the actual use case where you wanted it to work the way you described?

I wanted to place the pivot point of my sword’s blade in the bottom here:

But when I try, this happens:

Given that every PVInstance has its own pivot, it makes sense to be able to edit that pivot locally, which would allow to get any pivot combination for your model.

Let’s use this jeep model as an example, if I want to edit the pivot point of the entire model, it’ll work as expected, as in I am able to snap the pivot point to the bounding box’s major points.

Now let’s say I want the model’s pivot point to be at the front top of the car’s engine block:

I wont be able to easily achieve that because the current behavior will give me not so useful snap points like so:

The way to go around it would be doing this:

but if I could edit the pivot point locally, i’d skip those unintuitive steps in the clip.

You can also see that it works fine for parts that dont collide with other parts in the model:

All and all, the current behavior is inconsistent, if the pivot snap were to snap to the PVInstance that’s being selected, all those problems would go away and we’d have all the granularity we’d need.

Sorry for the long reply but I hope that conveys the point.

Thanks for the input. Closing this but will consider whether we should change this as part of some upcoming dragger changes.

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