Pivot Editor with Motor 6D Not working

Hello developers, I am having trouble with the Motor6D, I have set the axis to rotate sideways, hover its tilting like so: https://gyazo.com/a749bb20a31ddceaf35510b2d1e91919

While it should just be rotating on the Z-axis (Blue)


Which way do you have the Motor6D set up? Try rotating the Parts joined by the Motor6D to change the axis.

The same as the picture, and do you mean change the pivot of every part in the group?

Weld all the Parts of the Pivoting model together, then use the Motor6D attached to a Part that is Anchored to allow the model to rotate.

Is the Model Anchored? Then you could just Anchor one main Part for the entire Model, Weld the other Unanchored Parts to it, and Tween the main Part.

Either that or just use a HingeConstraint | Roblox Creator Documentation for the Rotation.

Are u just trying to rotate the model?

if so just do this

model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(model.PrimaryPart.CFrame * CFrame.Angles(0,0,math.rad(1)))

make sure u set a PrimaryPart which is the closest to the center

The First 2 points are a must just to have it move, what I am saying, is that its not turning on the correct axis, and not due to the fact that it isnt moving, and a hingeConstraint doesnt move on its own.

While that is a solution, its not something thats easy to understand, while all im asking is why the motor is rotating on the wrong axis.

can you show the script? thats prob the problem
and his solution is not hard to understand, lemme explain:
it sets the primary part cframe for the model to model.PrimaryPart.CFrame * CFrame.Angles(0,0,math.rad(1)))
the “multiply”: model.PrimaryPart.CFrame * is so the position doesnt reset and the math.rad is for converting degree to radians

I’m trying to do it with a motor not a script.

A HingeConstraint moves on its own if you set it to Motor, not None or Servo.

The issue you are having is that you have to find out what direction the motor is rotating. Try creating another motor between 2 Parts without all the other stuff involved to see which way it spins when you change the Motor’s MaxVelocity.
When you find out the direction then use the rotate tool to align the 2 Parts at the same time, so that the direction of the rotation is correct for your application.

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It wont work, for some reason, and nothings anchored I dont know why the motor isnt changing its rotation axis, no matter what I do.

That’s because when you use a Motor6D between 2 Parts it only rotates on 1 axis. You can’t just define which axis it rotates on.
You have to tilt the 2 Parts to whatever direction to align the rotation correctly for your application.

I’ve used them for Steering, construction vehicles and other things as well. They aren’t tough to use, you just need to orient the 2 parts that the C0 and C1 are correct.

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i not really sure but i think motor6d does not supoort pivots