:PivotTo() Is not working

Im trying to move a model by :PivotTo(Part.CFrame) but its not working. I have tried other ways like Model.PrimaryPart.Position Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame() But none of them are working.


Model:Clone().Parent = script.Parent
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do this:

local test = Model:Clone().Parent = script.Parent

If that is not working print the position of cardPos1 and tell me what it is

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Stupid me forgot to put it as a variable. XD Thanks for the help!

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lol, also instead of Test:MoveTo I should have put test:MoveTo a small typo there

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lol, I noticed that I just quickly corrected it,

local Model = script:FindFirstChild("Model")
local ClonedModel = Model:Clone()
ClonedModel.Parent = game.Workspace


PivotTo is better than MoveTo.
Also, you should not do local model = clone:Clone().Parent = script.Parent.

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They have stated that they already corrected it, and also MoveTo is better in cases where you want a fixed rotation and the model to be on top of everything else.