PivotTo() rotates to wrong direction

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to make a car spawning system and I’m using PivotTo() to rotate and position the car above the spawn pad. The problem is that on some models, it places correctly, but is rotated to the wrong angle.

I found out that if I mess with the Origin Orientation and then reset the pivot, it will somewhat fix but this is an annoying fix, and isnt PivotTo() supposed to do this for me?

Why does it sometimes rotate to a different direction and how do I always make it rotate to the rotation of the spawnpad regardless of the Origin Orientation?

this is the code I used to pivot the model.
NewCar:PivotTo(Spawner.SpawnPad:GetPivot() + Vector3.new(0, 10, 0))

This means that the primary Part itself is rotated in the wrong way, the ones which are rotated correctly they are placed right and others are wrong

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Yes, check the Orientations of the PrimaryParts, if they are not the same for every model then there is your problem.

I’m using PivotTo(), not SetPimaryPartCFrame()
The models don’t have a primary part

Oh alright, it’s something with the rotation of the parts tho.

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It has to do with the Origin Rotation of the vehicle I’m trying to rotate.

Then offset the pivot by the Orgin Orientation

That’s what I’m saying it’s something with the rotation

How do I do that?

this is my current code

NewCar:PivotTo(Spawner.SpawnPad:GetPivot() + Vector3.new(0, 10, 0))