Pixel art editor system

Can you show what placed in Buttons and Pixels?

The 1024 parts are inside the Pixels folder. The camera is only there on the server side.

The buttons folder has nothing rn

send screenshot of what there placed

Oh wait the buttons folder also has 1024 buttons but it didnt work because when i dragged my mouse, it doesnt detect clicks until i release left button and then press again.

can you add me in your place, Nextinel1.

how do i do that?

In the right corner you can see button (photo1)

Then send me friend requiest (cuz only friends can edit ur place)

And after click on the button and write my nickname (Nextinel1)

I did it. wyrhsnkfuqwigndsfuhwjdgwefsfd

I gotta eat ill be back in a little bit

yo, it work

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