Pixel Art Logo Feedback

Lately, I’ve been interested in Pixel Art. This is the first final logo that I made after experimenting and making different variations. Any feedbacks and tips for improving? An in-depth thread would be nice. :happy2:


Your pixel art is great! I dont usually see a lot of pixel art on the Dev Forums. So this is a first! I like the color palette as well as the gradient from white to red! I also like the white outline you gave to it! It makes it fit to any background color! I think you did great on this and I hope you make more of this! Because I love pixel art! :smiley:

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Looks great! Although, I do happen to spot a few areas where the sizes of the pixels are inconsistent, which makes it look very off.

Try sticking with one kind of pixel size.

Take this enemy sprite from my indie game I’m working on as an example. Simple right?

Now if I highlight some of the pixels…
Look at the green squares. Notice how their size is consistent.
That’s how that should be.

It’s kinda like placing blocks!


I am a huge fan of Pixilart, most of my UI in my new game is Pixilart. It looks really nice. Good job!

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Looks great! Only think I want to say is it would be nice to have the logo be a bit more structured like what r3generat3 said. But otherwise than that, it looks very good.

It looks like they have used 1 pixel size, it is just very small so it looks like more than 1.

Anyways, I love this. It’s really nice, and I am a massive fan of Pixel Art. I love the colours and they all work well together. Great job.

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