Pixel Quest - 2D RPG Game

I wanted to share development on my 2D RPG game Pixel Quest. The game is heavily inspired by a lot of the games I used to play, mainly Realm of the Mad God. I’m looking to build a community for it so if this is something that you’d be interested in playing join the discord: Pixel Quest

It’s very new but I’ll be posting announcements about development, sneak peaks, updates, and hosting public test sessions.

I’m also looking for pixel artists and scripters willing to try something new. DM me if you’d want to work on this and we can discuss further details.

With this also comes progress on my 2D game framework Forge2D which I’m hoping to release soon. It’s made making this game so much easier and hope it’ll be able to help other developers who want to try this kind of thing.


This is eye catching, this 2D game project is really something! It’s so visually striking and beautiful

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Everything is good apart from 0:29; I feel like the item info shouldn’t move around too much, it could make it harder to click the buttons on the bottom! You should also disable the default playerlist since you made your own.

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wow nice bro. that is roblox right?


Could you perhaps make a new invite link? since it doesn’t work anymore

Thanks for letting me know, I’ve changed the link to one that shouldn’t expire. Here it is: Pixel Quest

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