Pixelfix: Remove the black edges on scaled images

Thank you for this! This is the only method I could find to fix this problem and it works perfectly! :smile:

I’m having issues with the executable on MacOS, I built it by myself since the original exec wasn’t working but now it doesn’t respond. Is there a web-based version where I can upload to a site and it does it for me or maybe a web api?

Why hasn’t Roblox fixed this yet +1

Not sure I buy the performance argument from Quenty. Isn’t this just a different blend_func? Or in the modern rendering pipeline maybe it is a line or two of shader code?

Quenty wrote a detailed manifesto on why this is terrible and how hacking around it is hard - Fixing images in Roblox UI. This article is going to look how you… | by James Onnen (Quenty) | Roblox Development | Medium


If you want to help fix this problem, please provide your OS version and any output from pixelfix. Try running pixelfix through the terminal. Try installing Node js and see if node work on its own, then see if pixelfix works through node.

I don’t have a Mac of any sort so I can’t test this myself.

Instead of pixelfix, you can use tools like the one posted here:

You can also search “alpha bleed” and see if you can find any similar tools on e.g. Google or GitHub.


I ran into this issue today and it’s driving me insane.

Roblox just needs to fix their image interpolation algo.


Thanks! Found this web based version from XAXA Fixing images in Roblox ui (black outlines) - #13 by XAXA

My computer won’t let me run the shortcut…

Press “More Info” then press “Run Anyway”

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My brain is really having a hard time wrapping its head around how to install pixelfix. do you have a video showing how to install and set it up? thanks!

I don’t have a video, sorry.

If you’re on windows:

  1. Go to this link
  2. Download this
  4. Open your Downloads folder. Right click pixelfix-win-x64, then click “Copy”.
  5. Minimize all of your windows. Right click on your desktop, the click “Paste”.
  6. It’s now “installed”!

To use Pixelfix:

  1. Drag images onto the pixelfix-win-x64 icon on your desktop
  2. It will open a window to tell you that your image is fixed
  3. You can close that window and upload your fixed images to Roblox now!

Thanks, but when i put an image in there, its stuck like this.

Any solutions?

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I’m not sure why it would do this. Occasionally it can take a few seconds to start up, so that could be all it is.

If you can’t get Pixelfix to work, there are other alternatives in this thread that work through your web browser.

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If you are using pixelfix on a large image it might take a while to finish, just wait a bit and see if it works!


I have the same issue as @Nezuo . The javascript one you linked still results in black outlines too.

The same issue occurred for me, waited a bit and it worked

Arguably the best, the gimp solution is not working for me but this works now look at this

It has no black outlines!

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Can anyone send me an image that reproduces alpha bleeding? I’ve been implementing a JavaScript alpha bleed solution in my workflow for several years. (Credit: XAXA)

Recently when installing PixelFix, I was completely unable to create an image with Alpha Bleeding issues.
In months previous, when using “Save as” or “Export as” to PNG from Photoshop, it resulted in alpha bleeding when scaled.

(256Px Photoshop, 256Px PixelFix, 64Px Photoshop, 64Px PixelFix)

Obviously, I would love to not have to use any Alpha Bleed fix whatsoever, if it’s no longer needed! :smiley:


Do you have any tutorial for doing this on MacOS?

Over three years later and this is still saving lives. Thank you!

On the left was before and on the right is after. Night and day difference.

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Thanks for this amazing tool! I hope it will get added into roblox one day (I know it propably won’t be) as an option in the builk importer it would be very useful