~ Pixel's Build Portfolio ~


Hello, I’m Pixel. I’ve been developing on the platform for 5 years. I’m a Sophomore in Highschool and I’m in love with developing games. I usually spend my time developing solo, but i have worked with others developers in the past. I’m really into the low-poly building style. Though, I’m always willing to try other styles :wink: . I’m super friendly and I always have the potential to be a great asset to your team / game. I’m super flexible and I’m willing to communicate to get your commission just right!


Low Poly Island - Personal Build

Low Poly Map - Polaris

Lobby Prototype - Inspired by Nullxiety

Space Showcase

Blender Practice


Payment is fully negotiable. I will accept Robux or USD (Paypal) payment.
If you hire me, please know the following.

  • I take payment after I’m finished with the commission. You will be updated with screenshots as I work so that you know what i am doing.
  • I only accept commissions I am fully comfortable with doing, based on the workload & payment.
  • Have patience.
  • When you message me, don’t wait for me to respond, just tell me what you want and when I’m online we’ll discuss from there.


Developer Forum - PixelZombieX
Discord - Pixel#5777

Thanks for reading :heart: :slight_smile: