Pizza Shack | Cookbook

This document contains all the recipes required for kitchen staff to prepare delicious food items for our customers. Chefs are permitted to consult this document whenever they please and are encouraged to do so when preparing orders at the restaurant or during training sessions.

- Section 1: Ingredients

Meats: Diced Chicken, Chicken Wing, meatballs, Bacon/ham, Sausage, Tuna, Peperoni, Salami, Mince, Raw Chicken.

Sauces: Alfredo Sauce, Tomato And Basil Sauce, Tomato, Creamy Sauce, BBQ Sauce.

Vegetables: Potato, Tomato, Chilli, Corn, Peppers, Olives, Normal Onion, Red Onion, Mushroom, Gurkins/Pickle, Pineapple, Garlic.

Dough: Thick, Thin, Stuffed Crust.

Other Ingredients: Parmesan Cheese, Cheddar cheese, Garlic And Herb Dip, BBQ Dip, Tomato Dip, Red Hot Dip, Lemon And Herb Dip, Basil, Spices (ranging from Plain -> Extra Hot) Breadcrumbs, Crotons, Coleslaw.

Other essentials: Pasta- Penne, Tagliatelle, spaghetti.

- Section 2: Kitchen Equipment
(Original item > New item)

Chopping Board:
Whole Tomato > Chopped Tomato
Whole Chilli > Chopped Chilli
Whole Corn > Chopped Corn
Whole Peppers > Chopped Peppers
Whole Olives > Chopped Olives
Whole Normal Onion > Chopped Normal Onion
Whole Red Onion > Chopped Red Onion
Whole Mushroom > Chopped Mushroom
Whole Gherkins > Chopped Gherkins
Whole Pickle > Chopped Pickle
Whole Pineapple > Chopped Pineapple
Whole Garlic > Chopped Garlic
Whole Potato > Chopped Potato
Whole Chicken > Chopped Chicken Bits

Chopped Potato > Fries
Chopped Potato w/ Any Cheese > Cheesy Fries
Chopped Chicken Bits w/ Breadcrumbs > Pop’n Chicken

Chopped Potato > Potato Wedges
Raw Chicken Chicken Bits > Cooked Chicken Bits
Raw Garlic Bread > Cooked Garlic Bread
Raw meatballs> Cooked Meatballs
Raw Ham > Cooked Bacon
Raw Sausage > Cooked Sausage
Raw Tuna > Cooked Tuna
Raw Pepperoni > Cooked Pepperoni
Raw Salami > Cooked Salami
Raw Mince > Cooked Mince
Raw Chicken Wing > Cooked Chicken Wing

Raw Diced Chicken > Fried Diced Chicken
Raw Chicken Wing > Fried Chicken Wing
Raw Ham > Fried Bacon
Raw Sausage > Fried Sausage
Raw Tuna > Fried Tuna
Raw Chicken > Chargrilled Chicken.

Pan On Stove:
Hard Spaghetti > Boiled Spaghetti
Hard Penne Pasta > Boiled Penne Pasta

- Section 3: Recipes

Pop’n Chicken: 1x Chopped Chicken Bits, 1x Breadcrumbs
Garlic Pizza Bread: 1x Dough Of Their Choice, 1x Alfredo Sauce, 1x Parmesan Cheese, 1x Garlic
Chicken Kickers: 1x Fried Chopped Chicken Bits, 1x Breadcrumbs, 1x Extra Hot Spice
BBQ Wings: 1x Fried Chicken Wing, 1x Breadcrumbs, 1x BBQ Sauce

Hawaiian pizza: 1x Dough Of Their Choice, 1x Sauce of their choice, 1x Parmesan Cheese, 1x Bacon, 1x Pineapple
Original Cheese and Tomato: 1x Dough Of Their Choice, 1x Tomato And Basil Sauce, 1x Cheese Of Their Selection
Meat King: 1x Dough Of Their Choice, 1x Sauce of their choice, 1x Cooked Bacon, 1x Cooked Sausage, 1x BBQ Sauce, 1x Chilli, 1x Pepper
Chicken Crazy: 1x Dough Of Their Choice, 1x Tomato And Basil Sauce, 1x Cooked Diced Chicken, 1x Red Onion, 1x Pepper, 1x Chilli

Pasta dishes
Bolognese: 1x Boiled Spaghetti, 1x Cooked Mice, 1x Tomato And Basil Sauce
Tuna Pasta: 1x Boiled Penne Pasta, 1x Cooked Tuna
Chicken Parmigiana: Boiled Spaghetti , 1x cooked mince, 1x Tomato and Basil Sauce, 1x Chargrilled Chicken
Ice Cream Station- Customers do it themselves!
Ice Cream: 1x Scoop of chosen choice
New York Cheesecake: 1x Cheesecake, 1x Vanilla Essence

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