Place frame just below another frame

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local Frame ="Frame")

local P = script.Parent.Position
local S = script.Parent.Size
local A = script.Parent.AnchorPoint

Frame.Parent = script.Parent.Parent
Frame.Size = S
Frame.AnchorPoint = A
Frame.BackgroundColor3 =, 0, 0)

Frame.Position = P -, 0, P.Y.Scale - P.Y.Scale, 0)

Here I leave how I would like it to be


Why dont you use UiListLayout?

because they will be some frames that will be generated and I will also use tween position, for which I cannot use UiListLayout

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You have to get the y scale of the frame and then divide by 2 (assuming the AnchorPoint for the Frame is in the center) then add that to the Y position of the frame. Something like:

Frame.Position = UDim2.fromScale(0, P.Y.Scale + (S.Y.Scale / 2))

Just wanted to add, you can do this pretty easy by making the new frame the child of the old frame. Just make sure that the position is set to {0, 0},{1, 0} and anchor point is 0,0

and if you wanted the new frame to be the same size as the old one, you would make the size of the new frame {1, 0},{1, 0}

Not sure if making the new frame a child of the new frame is an option for you in this circumstance, but it would work.

It’s a quick and simple way, but unfortunately for the work I’m doing it’s not convenient to do it, but thank you very much anyway :smiley:

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