Place is too large to use "save to"/"publish to"

Hi, so I have dev place to make updates for the game, testing them and then, a few mins before planned release of update, I usually use “Publish to” to upload new update for original place. It’s very good solustion, because we don’t need to copy single scripts and assets. Last Friday, when I tried to do this, it showed info “Save Failed” and in output I got these errors:

  1. The place is too large. - Studio
  2. Place Save Error - HTTP 413 (Request Entity Too Large): The page was not displayed because the request entity is too large. - Studio

Dev Place ID: 8862603185 (RCX [In-Dev] - Roblox)

Expected behavior

I know that my game is large, there is a lot of content, more then 80 weekly updates since February 2022. However, I think roblox should support bigger games with community and provide us possibility to use “Publish to/Save to” feature.


Thank you for the report. We’re looking into it and will report back.


i was having this issue as well. i couldn’t find any solution for it. 4 years of updates. This year’s february i tried adding stuff on my game but i couldn’t since the file was of 140MB and my wifi only could publish 125MB which i had to remove the content and get the update content get inserted via an script… is the only way i found back then and still works perfectly fine, but yeah i hope they can support games like that, via premiun or just by getting certified to publish updates. it was mainly because the wifi connection thought, if it didn’t publish the content in 45sec - 1min that sign would appear.

One thing you could do to get the place file size down is to set the collision fidelity on all of the mesh parts in your game to box or hull.

I was able to get the place file size on my game down from 100MB to 19MB by doing this.


Hi @Roks3k,

Would it be possible for you to share your place file privately? We want to be able to inspect it and see what exactly is making this place file so large. We will be very careful with your experience and IP.

Thank you for help, it reduced our file size from over 120MB to 33MB :heart:


Apologies for bumping, would this also be possible for our game? Tyne & Wear - Lm2606