Place Limit per Game?

Does anybody know if there is a limit on how many places can be added to a game universe? Couldn’t find any evidence of a limit, and considering a game that could have upwards of 200 places attached to one game. Maybe not the most feasible thing ever, but it’ll be cool if there isn’t a limit and all that.


There is no limit to the amount of places per game


Sickening. Thanks.

I have a problem with this, the max player number seems to be maxed out at 50. Could you help me with this?

Limit on max player count =/= limit on max places per game (this thread)

Similar to what Thomas said, this thread was made in reference to number of Places per Game Universe, not number of Players per Place. The Maximum for non-beta members is 50. To receive beta features you must be a Roblox DevForum Member. Become an active part of the community here and follow all the rules, guidelines, and more, and one day you’ll potentially receive membership status and be able to receive access to the beta features. (Although who knows, Roblox might bump the player limit up for everyone soon, or never.)