Place Loading Weirdness

My game will sometimes (more common recently on slower internet) get stuck on the loading screen and will sit at a certain number of instances occasionally going up or down. You may have to join in a few times to get it to happen but it’s happens fairly often. I’ve had people tell me about it before.

Yeah – I’ve had this happen in the past. I’m not completely sure what the issue is, but I do remember it happening in a personal server of mine with not so many parts, minus the circular lobby.

Can confirm this issue on my end.

Instance count gets stuck and goes up and down continually.

This always happens on my iPhone, even with a very good Wifi connection and speed.

I can’t wait to work on my next game. I won’t have to worry about saving and loading and creating places and I won’t have to worry about thousands of parts in the game constantly changing. /off-topic

Hmm, well it appears we found an issue; time to wait for an admin.

This is still happening. I even have a fast and wired connection…

EDIT: After like a minute it finally got done going between 900 and 950 and fully loaded…