Place Roulette

Teleports you (and other people) anywhere to a random place, takes a couple of pulls on the lever but it’s insanely addicting. You can set the maximum asset ID to try to get old places. I spent a good 5 to 6 hours on it teleporting with tons of people.

Sadly, I keep getting default places. :C I’ll try the max asset thing.

It makes sense, because only small part of all existing places are valid places.

…that’s pretty cool.
ROBLOX parties just got loads better.

Here’s a cool place I got

[quote] Here’s a cool place I got

-snip- [/quote]
I would not mind a sword fighting place on that.

Hm, I kept getting ID 17 error when I tried to join that place. Roblox y.

It did take a few attempts to get into the game, but after that, it worked without flaws.
The Maximum Asset ID is really helpful, though. :cheer: