PlaceMemory's Sound MB is going up in the 3000s causing the entire server to crash

Here is a picture of what I mean, I expand it to only see sound usage under 1.0 value mb nothing potentially adding up to 3000 from testing when the memory gets up to around 4000 everybody in my game crashe, pretty much the game dies so I honestly have no clue what’s going on, taken a look at a bunch of scripts already and I have no clue what’s going on since we really haven’t touched anything relating to sound lately.

Adding on: Around 3000-4000 value MB, the entire server crashes. This is a picture from one of my members when the value was this high and they were trying to join:

Stuff that uses sound in my game:

  • Guns
  • Cars
  • Interface Clicking Sounds
  • Default Roblox Sounds
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You can try to run the game and use the explorer to search for “Sound”, It will return all the sound in the game. If you see a large amount of sound or there’s an increasing amount of sound, that’s probably the problem

Everything looks perfectly fine when I tried this method, I had the same sounds before and there was no issue with the memory.

This is an interesting issue…
Are you sure there isn’t a backdoor or malicious script inserting alot of sounds on runtime? Maybe try checking the scripts activity window?

From testing this seems to happen after a server has been running for about an hour, so it slowly increases from time to time. My game has no backdoor, I mean like there’s no way, all of my plugins are verified and our scripts are made by us.

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I see, how are you loading in sounds for your game?
Are you recreating them every time, or reusing the sound?
Could you provide an example script of how you handle loading sounds?

For our cars, we use a modified version of a chassis if you know what that is.
Here is the original open source model.
For the guns we just have events fired and the gun sound being played everytime you shoot.
That’s pretty much about it for our sounds.
Also I updated the original post if you want to scroll up for more information.


This might have to do with the gun sounds, as they are probably used very often.
Could you provide an example script showing how you load and play a sound?
You should only load the sound into memory once and play the loaded sound.

If its during actual playing time, an exploiter could be spamming sounds using a known exploiter script to crash the game.

  • make sure there’s no remoteevents/remotefunctions being exploited with argument’s such a rbxassetid or remote being spammed and they have debounce
  • go to SoundService → search in Properties “RespectFilteringEnabled” and see if it’s disabled that means client can replicate aka exploiter play sounds in workspace for example

and it will replicate so make sure to enable it

  • Make sure you don’t have backdoor’s Ctrl + Shift + F and search “getfenv” , “require” and see if there’s any sus scripts because it’s not necessary that it’s a backdoor

We’ve had a recent exploit with sounds that we’ve already patched, the game crashes happen once the memory gets really high, it doesn’t crash right away, only crashes when the sound mb usage goes up to around 3 or 4 thousand like the picture above, I took that picture a few minutes before the server crashed.

RFE is enabled, as well as our events are secured as well, checked a few times for backdoors already and not seeing anything even with Ctrl + Shift + F.