Placement of a close button

Feel like I’m being real picky here, but I’m not sure what’s the best design for my close button

Any opinions/thoughts/tips are greatly appreciated! :smiley:


I’ll choose either the first or the second picture.
I like it.
I’m not a UI designer btw.

From my opinion I would say the 2nd last and the first one But its up to you as a developer to think witch one you like for your game / match the sort of theme for your game.


I honestly prefer this one

The placement of the button has a modern feeling and clear visibility


i am really like the image number 5 the close button look like part from the frame

The first!!
and second.
The other seem really weird.
Though, the second is roughly see-able.

personally I wouldn’t include the close button within the grey bar. I’d shrink the bar slightly and place the close button to the right of it if I was going to place it within the title area

perhaps making it a red rounded square with a white cross?

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@NinjoOnline If you’re having a hard time figuring it out, you know you could always have a keybind(example; key H it opens the UI, press H again it closes it) for the UI to open and close. Or even you could have a button on the side to open and close it.

Though to answer your question I prefer this close button placement.

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I think the third one would look the best if you moved it closer to the main frame.

I definitely prefer number 5 like most others have said. I’d even go a bit further and add a drop shadow or something (see image).

I Prefer This one:
but they all look really nice! Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

This (the first one) Looks best for me.

The first one. The cross seems likes not aligned, by the way,

I like the second one the best. They all look fine as long as you bring them closer.