Placement Problem

Hello. I was working on my project and I found that there was space between furniture

I am using egomoose furniture placement system

This is the picture of how it looks like :


How do i prevent this space from happening between furniture(sorry for bad grammar)(also i thought this was for the scripting category)

I never heard of that plugin before but I was looking at short clips of it. The player is the one who places it down, so I guess it matters on the User if they can properly place it down. Just incase make sure to turn off CanCollide and if the problem still happens then I don’t know.

I fixed my problem but this problem stills on corner conveyor and its not a plugin

Could I see a screenshot of what’s happening now?

I already uploaded a screenshot cant you see it?

Alright I can see it now. This is a guess but, in his thread he said that he fixed the overlapping problem. So if you can reverse that then it should be working. It was originally like the one in the GIF, but afterwards when he fixed it, overlapping couldn’t be done anymore and showed a red box.


Mybad but I’m still majorly confused on what you mean by stills on corner conveyor.