Places reopen themselves when you close them before Game Explorer is loaded

When you close a place before the game explorer is loaded, then the place will reopen itself a little while after you close it (presumably when the contents for the game explorer are received).

Repro steps

  • Open a place through Studio that is uploaded to Roblox.
  • When the place loads, close it before the contents of the Game Explorer load.
  • Wait for 10-30 seconds.
  • The place will reopen itself after a while without any input from user.

Video of issue

For the video I’ll be using the Egg Hunt 2018 lobby place since it has a lot of content and therefore the game explorer takes a bit to load, which makes the repro easy.

Relevant timestamps in the video:
0:01 - I click on the tile to open the place.
0:08 - The place file is loaded but the game explorer hasn’t yet.
0:10 - I close the place before the game explorer loads.
0:11 - Back on starting menu, I do nothing but moving my mouse.
0:20 - Place reopens itself without my input.
0:30 - Same procedure again to show it’s no coincidence.
0:47 - Trying again, but waiting until game explorer loads this time.
0:58 - Closing place after game explorer is loaded.
Rest - Shows that the place does not reopen now since the game explorer was loaded before closing the place.

Current behavior (unexpected)

Studio reopens the place without any input from me to do so. I may have wanted to open a different place.

Expected behavior

Studio should not reopen the place if I close it, without my input. I only want Studio to reopen the place if I click the tile for that game again on the starting menu.