Places to find great UI creations - Looking for inspiration

Hey! I am currently looking for sources containing great User Interface creations for me to study and take inspiration from in my works. Any help/reference as to where one can be pointed to is much appreciated, thanks!

Bumping this up, any help is greatly welcomed

There are tons of more general UI design places or web design focused areas, but I haven’t been able to find many places that focus only on video game UI design.

This YouTube channel has a focus on UI design so any video on his channel would be great to watch. There are hour long+ videos on UI design, but there are also many example videos of good and bad UI design:

This is one of my favorites, Jonas Tyroller. He mostly has videos on game design, but he’s got tons of videos on interesting topics such as this one about UI design in Blizzard games. It’s got a more fun/funny style to the video, but I like that better than the more “professional” boring videos.

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