Placing things inside translucent objects

I’m trying to make a human test tube/people jar/that glass tube with liquid and a person floating inside you see in science fiction. My issue is going about the “liquid” inside the tube.

Currently what I have is a translucent glass cylinder with a neon union inside, and the dummy placed in front. It looks decent when viewing it from the front, but from any other angle it just looks weird…

fun front view

If I just place an opaque neon cylinder in there, the dummy won’t be seen. If I make it any transparency other than 0, the neon cylinder disappears.
So I’m wondering if it is possible to make it so both the dummy and the neon part are viewable from all angles? If not, I’ll just scrap the neon part entirely.
(Also apologies for the vague and weird title, I don’t know how to describe this without context).

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Don’t use glass. Use another material for the exterior.

Glass will hide anything over 0 transparency.

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Woah that’s ironic. Thank you!

if you want the liquid to be opaque, you can make a cylinder in blender, flip the normals, export it to roblox, and set the material to neon. then place the character inside this inverted cylinder

I would make a cylinder mesh where the outside walls have no face. This gives you a cylinder where you can only see the inside and not the outside. You can do this in blender

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