Placing/Rotating a model onto the player's avatar

For my game, I am trying to add a watch model to the player’s LowerRightArm. I got the model to weld to the arm and everything, but the rotation is messed up and is completely different then what I put in the script.
Here is the script

local Watch = game.ServerStorage.Watch:Clone()
		local rotation = CFrame.Angles(math.rad(-79),math.rad(157), math.rad(77))
		Watch:PivotTo(Character.RightLowerArm.CFrame * rotation)
		Watch.Parent = workspace
		for i, child in pairs(Watch:GetChildren()) do 
			child.CanCollide = false
			child.Anchored = false
			local Weld ="WeldConstraint")
			Weld.Parent = Character.RightLowerArm
			Weld.Part0 = child
			Weld.Part1 = Character.RightLowerArm
			-- welds parts to the arm

This is part of a larger server script that is receiving an event when the player joins and a character is added, so all the variables are correct
The code is supposed to set the model to an orientation of X: -79 Y:157 and Z:77 but instead the orientation is X:58 Y:128 and Z: 30.734 which makes the watch look like this:
Screenshot 2023-06-28 162732

Any help would mean a lot!!


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