Plaisir Cafe | Guidelines


Below, you will find a set of rules which will ensure the safety of Customers, Staff and yourself. You are expected to read and understand the rules. Failure to follow these rules will result in punishment.


Major offenses are highly intolerable. The Support Team will not accept any appeals requested by users who have committed major offenses.

Exploiting of any kind will result in an immediate and permanent ban. This includes glitching into places you do not have access to.

Ban Evasion
Coming back on an alternate account when another account has been banned is prohibited.


Minor offenses are those of which can be appealed by our Support Team. Although they are not as serious as Major Offenses, Minor Offenses can still be taken seriously depending on the type of infraction.

Trolling at Plaisir Cafe is not allowed. You will be granted one warning. If continued, it will be a ban.

Vulgar outfits, usernames, or comments are prohibited at Plaisir Cafe. Make sure to follow Roblox TOS.

Spamming in game will not be tolerated.

Please treat others with respect. Do not attempt to find loopholes in these rules. No rank is exempt from these rules.