Plan for my story game

I’m working on a story game, and I just finished my plan. Here, take a look!

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It’s a good start! I have 2 tips though:

  • The story is a bit short; there’s only 1 plot twist. You should add more events to make it interesting.

  • 500-2000 Robux is a very, very low budget. Are you gonna build and script the game yourself?
    If not, you’ll have to hire people. (which costs a lot more than 500-2000 Robux)
    If you do, you’ll still need to advertise. (not necessary, but a story game probably won’t succeed without ads).

Hei. The story seems good so far. It’s a little short though.

You should also give us some more details about how the game will be. For example: scenery / date / more about the place etc…

I will in the story! It’s just a plan.

I’m hiring a GFX artist for 90 robux! Maybe I’ll hire someone, good point.