Plane-facing translation handles

Basically all 3D software has plane drag handles in additional to orthogonal drag handles in the translation tool.

Observe the colored squares on this image:

They are colored to the perpendicular axis color. For example, the ZY handle is red because it is perpendicular to X.

Dragging one of these squares will drag the object along a plane, similar to dragging on a line with the orthogonal handle but in two directions at once.

Roblox should add these plane handles to the translation tool.

Here’s a video demonstrating the difference between orthogonal handles and plane handles. Observe that the YZ handle can drag on both the Z and Y axes at once.


This was mentioned as something they wanted to do for the new Lua draggers but this never ended up happening it seems. The lack of this feature is the sole exclusive reason I use the transform tool, and put up with all of its limitations and weird quirks (huge ordeal to change the plane, strange behavior with shift/ctrl select that just does not work or resets orientation), which slows me down considerably. Every day I am angry this is not a feature.