Plane Lag after Latest Roblox Update

Hi fellow developers, I’ve been here once before concerning constraints on my plane which has now been fixed however after the latest Roblox updates ive suddenly seen lag constantly appearing when the plane is in flight. It happens on most cases 20 seconds or so after takeoff. Im not using any remotes for the planes movability and have set network ownership of the planes main part and other parts apart from the constrainted ones, to the pilot. The scripts for moving the plane are local side and im just lost on why now its begun to lag. Any help is appreciated.!/game-instances

(This post is for my friend that isn’t apart of the DevForum. It’s for a project we’re working on.)

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The game is private.

I’ve got messages from lots people saying my physics sandbox has suddenly become super laggy as of two days ago

I told the owner of the place. I’ll notify you when it is open again if that’s good.


Also from the investigation, it seems that the issue is coming from objects that use pgs solver like the constraints. When I turn them off there are 0 contacts in the shift + f1 bar however with them on there is about 500 - 550 contacts that continue going up and down erratically between these intervals. Something in the update has messed these up.

Contacts are 0 when the constraints aren’t there.

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Am having the same issue. In my game, players can build boats using blocks with all sorts of Roblox objects including constraints. Ever since the Roblox update, I’ve been getting complaints about boats that lag. I looked into it and these boats always have constraints built into them. I tested this out and found that any boat using constraints will lag. However, when I go back to the LegacyPhysicsSolver, the boat works just fine.

I’ll try turning this on as well soon, I am certain constraints become an order of magnitude less efficient in the last week

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Roblox seems to have just fixed this

Awesome! Things are running much smoother now.

Any chance you guys are willing to PM me the models that were having issues? This was caused by a bug that was supposed to fix some sleeping issues, but it backfired and caused some perf regressions. I want to collect as many examples where it backfired as possible.