Plane Model Commission

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Been a bit bored again, there is one of my commissions. Nothing special, first time ever im working on such models like cars and planes.


In Roblox model (bit changed and fully recolorable)

Happy Halloween guys

If you have any questions you can Private message me here, or DM using: Sakuya Maiden#7228


Nice effort. Just a few suggestions though:
The vertical and horizontal stabilizers should have squared off ends. I don’t think there are any aircraft with pointed tips for aerodynamic reasons.
The fuselage windows and door shouldn’t be raised at the edges. There are very few parts on a high speed aircraft that stick out since they cause drag.
Since this is a very small passenger/private jet (going by the scale of the windows) it shouldn’t have 4 engines that size. Normally a jet this size would have 2 engines and they probably wouldn’t be that large in diameter.
The wing spars (the main support structure of the wing) in your model would be running through your passenger space in the cabin. This is why most passenger or cargo aircraft have wings at the bottom or top of the fuselage so the spar(s) can be supported by the structure of the aircraft without interfering with the inside of the aircraft cabin.
I’d suggest looking at reference pictures online to see what aircraft actually look like.

In the Roblox model, I don’t think the material and the color fits with the airplane. It looks a bit off. But the actual model looks pretty good.

Hi, thanks, but actually i am not plane expert, i got cartoony reference that looks almost same without any realism, i did not wanted to make it like a real plane tho, just a model for one-time cutscene.

Ah its all change able, i just got bored

Yeah, it just looks a bit off.