Plane Wars 2 Revamped - Game Feedback

Hey all,

I’m looking for feedback/suggestions on my game: Plane Wars 2 Revamped. It’s my first game and I’ve been working on it for about a year, and sort of released it back in September. It’s been through a lot of changes since then, but it hasn’t taken off, which has surprised me.

Almost anyone I’ve asked about the game so far has said that they think it will take off, but it hasn’t. I’ve done a bit of advertising, which has gone somewhat well, but players don’t stick around. The game is essentially bug-free and lightweight. It offers mobile support, too.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

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The game is very well made and that is shown in your like ratio in your game. The plane mechanics are amazing, the things I think you could do to improve is making the plane hanger look better because that’s the first impression people get of the game. Apart from that, great game!

PS: When you jump in your plane in the hanger make it open the doors because I can guarantee many people crash into the hangar doors