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These logs are raw paste data from update notes posted on the game’s discord server, sorted by date.

July 15th, 2021
  • ok huge bugfix like always, i fixed ALL the tools, the menu, issues with hp and planes, i fixed players being invincible to ALL the plane weapons
  • oh and i also removed the black box purgatory hell dimension thing
July 17th, 2021

July 20th, 2021

July 21st, 2021
  • planes, ground turrets, and plane turrets breaking when people leave bug fixed
  • drone menu bug fixed
  • turrets aiming weird bug fixed
  • cloak making plane invisible to operator and friendly team, and remaining visible to enemy team fixed
  • lots of other patches
July 25th, 2021
  • tons of bug fixes
  • every plane has been added and fully setup for both teams
  • vip planes now in game
  • powerups now give vip planes and are fully functional
  • ground turret added to buy menu
  • planes are now purchasable from buy menu
  • autoturrets now purchasable from buy menu
July 31st, 2021

prolly the biggest update yet

  • completely revamped bullet system
  • completely revamped bomb system
  • completely revamped rocket system
  • completely revamped missile system
  • completely revamped flak system
  • new missile partic
  • new rocket particle
  • plane turret script minor rewrite
  • ground turret script minor rewrite
  • plane handler script minor rewrite
  • plane turret script now clones to new planes making editing easier
  • revamped topbar ui
  • topbar script rewritten
  • fixed bullets spawning ahead of guns (this bug has been around since the game started lol)
  • revamped shields, shields convert to meshparts (giving better collision detection and customization), shields no longer hit objects and destroy planes, shields adjust to plane sizes automatically, vip planes can’t get shields now
  • plane mover code totally rewritten, and planes should now fly much better
  • hover planes now hover
  • planes dont shoot into the sky at the speed of light anymore
  • buy menus fixed
  • move buy menu area detection to server
  • rewrote buy menu code
  • new bomb reticle
  • bomb reticle aims better
  • fixed gunner kick menu not appearing
  • fixed gunner kick menu having more buttons than guns
  • powerup bugs fixed
  • added a secret
  • removed the original fighter test planes :frowning:
August 1st, 2021

August 2nd, 2021
  • fixed drones
  • fixed planeturret gui not working
  • fixed skyscraper not spawning
  • moved bases farther apart
  • updated the vip powerup planes
  • updated the shield for all planes
  • fixed friendly autoturrets not being friendly
  • massively revamped autoturrets
  • improved autoturret explosions
  • fixed autoturret trails
  • fixed autoturret shooting behind itself
  • fixed autoturret shooting way off target
  • fixed autoturret exploding multiple times when destroyed
  • fixed planes breaking apart even if its flying
  • you can no longer sit in destroyed planes
  • you can no longer sit in plane turrets of destroyed planes
  • planes now have engine sounds
  • fixed yellow powerups not collecting
  • many, many other fixes that are irrelevant to player experience
  • fixed drone stil flying when dead
  • fixed drone exhaust still going when dead
  • increased powerup spawn area
  • fixed red buy menu being visible to players
  • fixed the weapons not doing damage when they should
  • fixed shield being invincible
  • fixed income tween not working once reaching 0
  • fixed drone body not being hit by weapons
  • added chat bubbles
  • fixed scorecard
  • fixed plane destroyed notifier not working
  • fixed destroying planes not giving tech points
  • fixed playerkill notifier not working
  • gave hover planes particle
  • fixed drone guns welding wrong
  • fixed hover particle going wrong directions
August 3rd, 2021
  • now with the update, the autoturret uses trigonometric functions to aim and fire. this made it a lot better
  • fixed new rounds not working properly
  • fixed reactors not respawning correctly after a round ends
  • fixed spawning being disabled after round ends
August 6th, 2021

“Whatever Floats your Boat” Update!
after a suggestion by @765protoman, planes now float! pontoon parties are now a thing.

  • buffed autoturret reload
  • massive changes to the superball
  • massive changes to the slingshot
  • massive changes to the timebomb
  • massive changes to the rocket launcher
  • massive changes to the paintball gun
  • fixed paintballs not exploding
  • fixed paintballs not deleting
  • fixed painball spawning issue
  • fixed paintball not changing color of hit part
  • fixed superball spawning issue
  • fixed slingshot spawning issue
  • fixed rocket launcher spawning issue
  • fixed players being able to spawn vip planes even if they didn’t own the gamepass
  • finally fixed the weapons not dealing damage correctly
  • massively revamped scorecard
  • fixed weapons firing if you held down the key, shut off the engine, let go of the key, then turned the engine back on
  • fixed mouse not reverting once seat left
  • fixed cloak not working
  • fixed ejecting while cloaked making plane and player perma-invisible
  • fixed base rebuild not working
  • fixed plane turrets using plane ammo and not turret ammo
  • fixed missile not working
  • fixed red cube not working
  • fixed blue orb not working
  • fixed draw round not working
  • added chat bubbles
  • removed water part colliders
August 7th, 2021

another huge bug update

  • fixed the flak orientation issue, the autoturrets should perform much better now
  • fixed the weapons, including autoturrets, being unable to damage planes
  • repositioned the buy menus
  • ported weapon sounds to client
  • updated the tool mouse icons
  • ported the tools to client so they are much faster
  • fixed control icon
  • fixed the drone not destroying when destroy button is clicked
  • fixed the drone target menu icon
  • fixed skyscraper rebuy not working
  • fixed roof turret rebuy not working
  • fixed an hp display issue
  • added rocket thrust sound
  • added missile thrust sound
  • readded rocket deploy sound
  • readded missile deploy sound
  • added bomb drop sound
  • fixed rare spawning issue
  • fixed autoturret team killing
  • added autoturret kill notifier
  • added roof turret kill notifier
  • added a new kill sound
  • fixed the autoturret tracer
  • added “successful team change” notifier
  • fixed ui appearing in main menu
  • fixed camera not changing in main menu
  • added a new hitmarker sound
  • fixed personal buy menu
  • fixed the drone menu
  • fixed controls icon
  • fixed lock icon
  • fixed radial tween issue
  • removed plane renaming system
  • fixed eject feature making parts visible
  • fixed buy menu position
  • fixed sword mouse icon
  • dogfighting is finally fixed!!
August 8th, 2021
  • datastores are fixed so ur stats save now
  • planes movement has been balanced so the frigate no longer turns at the same speed the scout does
  • drones are a bit faster now and an issue with the plane exploding has been fixed
August 9th, 2021

game updated with a LOT of fixes and a few new things but i’m too lazy to write them, anyways go check it out

August 13th, 2021
  • over a HUNDRED UI fixes/tweaks/improvements
  • countless bug fixes
  • quality of life improvements
  • king of the hill and domination mode!
  • a few small new features
August 15th, 2021
  • Added votekick
August 25th, 2021

“Get Lost And be Found” Update:

  • six new maps with complete atmospheres and sound ambience
  • new map system
  • revamped bases
  • revamped control points
  • new lock and owner icon over planes
  • many bug fixes
  • many ui adjustments
  • optimized lots of code for better performance
  • added overhead icon to missiles and rockets
  • buffed powerup spawnrate
  • adjusted flag sounds so they are heard throughout the workspace
  • adjusted many game functionalities (control points, topbar, main menu, etc.)
October 10th, 2021
  • uncountable amount of bugs and issue fixes and ui fixes. game should function incomparably better than previously, seriously.
  • revamped vip powerup planes.
  • adjustments to physical plane models and maps.
  • rewritten and optimized every weapon tool, and added a few new features to some of them. they should be much more comfortable to use. adjustments to tools so you cant use them when dead.
  • added flares to planes. can be used to evade missiles, signal for help from teammates, plus they look and sound really cool. i’m excited about this feature, i think you will like it very much.
  • every sound in the game has been replaced to varying extents. explosion sounds, bullet/gun sounds, bomb sounds, rocket/missile sounds, engine sounds, etc.
  • there are now multiple ambience sounds such as war sounds, wind sounds, etc. as well as sounds for new things i.e. the capture points have an idle sound, flares make sounds, etc.
  • i’ve adjusted the sound engine so sounds now work in unique ways at distances, for example an explosion may make a compeletly different sound at far distances.
  • added adaptive ambience sounds.
  • new aim marker for guns. it shows exactly where your bullets will go, because i know you guys have been struggling with it.
  • quality of life adjustments too: flags have markers over them as well as missiles and rockets, explosion lights, among other things.
  • added plane direction and orientation indicator for first person flight so you can tell where your plane is going in first person. i’m excited about this feature as well, its pretty cool.
  • rebuilt the capture points to look like they fly.
  • added a new swamp map, for a total of 7 maps. it looks pretty good.
  • added many more anti-cheat measures, including account age checks, speed checks, tool checks, etc. - fixed that annoying tagging issue causing drone, turret, plane, and player kills not being awarded nor having the notifiers appear.
  • new secret: towplane. the towplane spawn can be found beside the warthog. you can tow planes and objects with it, useful for irritating other players.
September 12th, 2021
  • fixed the trick where you could stop your plane midair
  • changed ui dials to tween instead of jumping to new values
  • fixed the cloak dial only working once
  • fixed the issue where planes would fall apart slightly while spawning resulting in the seat being very difficult to get in
  • fixed the tracer color issue
  • fixed bullet debris color issues
  • fixed ejecting lag issue
  • fixed rocket launcher sound
  • added flares to powerup rewards
  • added plane, turrets, auto turrets, drone, damage and burning fire sounds
  • added deploy and ambience sounds to aerobatic smokes
  • added plane explosion sounds
  • further adjusted tools so you are now 100% unable to use them while seated
  • refined the towplane physics
September 15th, 2021
  • fixed plane reload region not working
  • tripled powerup spawn rate
  • added bullet indicatiors to plane turrets and roof turrets
  • added viewmodels to plane turrets and roof turrets
  • fixed superball spawning incorrectly
  • adjusted vehicle damage sounds so they arent really loud
  • fixed some explosion sounds not playing
  • fixed plane explosion sounds being heard through workspace and not from the position of the explosion
  • fixed explosion pressures causing stuff to break
  • fixed bomb reticle aiming weirdly
  • fixed rocket launcher sound issues
  • fixed bullets not working at short distances
  • fixed multi plane turret planes not if two or more turrets are occupied
  • revised plane billboards so they can be seen much farther away, and scale nicely
  • fixed income bar tweening over and over
  • fixed income bonuses
  • fixed tracer colors giving bullets wrong colors
  • fixed bombs not dropping sometimes
  • reoptimized bullets. they should function somewhat better
September 16th, 2021
  • fixed main game script frying itself
  • fixed war ambience causing game to lag to the point of unplayable
  • added a ground collider to all the maps
  • adjusted void destruction height so you can no longer fly under the map (sorry ark, this ones for you)
September 19, 2021
  • finally sorted out yellow cubes gui
  • adjusted how income rates are awarded; base income rate moved from 60/min to 100/min; removed the 10 starter techpoints
  • moved control points
  • fixed control point flags moving in wrong directions
  • fixed control point gui colors displaying incorrectly
  • changed control point billboards to match color of team that is controlling it
September 20th, 2021
  • balanced speedster
  • balanced plane explosions
  • fixed superball curve staying around if you died
  • fixed income rate breaking after new rounds
  • fixed control point guis doing the funny
  • fixed ramp disappearing
  • fixed wind sound
  • fixed tool activaiton/deactivation issues
  • fixed loading new maps breaking game on rare occasion
  • fixed missile breaking when players eject
  • fixed missile not tracking flare on rare occasion
  • fixed powerup planes not spawning
  • fixed planeseat breaking when left if someone on your team tried to get in
  • fixed autoturret not firing
  • fixed drone still flying when dead
  • fixed drone still shooting when dead
September 22th, 2021
  • released automatic gun convergence for all weapons. guns now automatically compute the direction of the weapon and aim for it, with a bit of engineered inaccuracy.
  • removed bullet reticles, as they are literally obsolete.
  • fixed plane turrets shooting wrong tracer colors
  • fixed yellow cube powerup bar
  • fixed weird tooling issue in enemy planes
  • fixed tool sometimes being impossible to equip if you got in enemy plane
  • fixed missile freezing
  • fixed rare drone targeting issues
  • fixed rare tools not cloning to new players bug
  • fixed plane inoperable if gunner seated
  • nerfed hover artillery to have less missiles but more rockets to encourage skillful play
September 24th, 2021
  • the game should run like 40x better now. no more lag when players join, no more jitters, dropped frames, firerate delay, other stuff. lol i was stress testing on my laptop and i was getting 1.5 fps on the server with 5 clients which totally explains the lag, the server should be running 40x faster than that. anyways now the server runs a perfect 60fps because of the optimizations
September 26th, 2021
  • fixed bullets not doing damage some times (this means my a10 warthog will destroy you all from now on)
  • adjusted crosshair to cast onto objects
  • tweaked eject seat
  • tweaked towplane price
  • fixed missile not spawning
  • nerfed bomb, rocket, and missile damage
  • added chat emoji support :moyai:
  • fixed income bar for the millionth time (im serious this time, it works now)
  • fixed turrets again, i actually tested it this time so i promise it works
October 18th, 2021
  • you can now detonate the nuke with the plane turned off.
  • rewrote round descriptions and about tab a second time.
  • MASSIVE changes to mobile UI. new buttons, scaling, images, text, etc. On all planes, turrets, planeturrets, menu, shop, etc.
  • adjustment to plane tip attachments.
  • removed controls value folder, should make future implementation much easier.
    adjusted nuke sound.
  • fixed drone menu ui for both pc and mobile.
  • fixed plane rolling with plane turned off.
  • fixed flare in control menu.
  • fixed speedster steering again.
  • fixed drone list invisible in main menu.
  • fixed a towplane bug.
  • fixed the double flag location marker.
  • fixed rare tagging bug where you could get rewards for friendly players or planes dying.
  • fixed frigate shooting bullets and flares out of side of hull.
  • fixed assigned teams to vip planes so you cant teamkill your team’s vip planes.
  • fixed invisible sword.
  • fixed reactor breaking apart.
  • fixed heavy bomber being frozen.
  • fixed flare object being visible.
  • fixed first person vehicle guide sometimes being visible in third person.
  • fixed a steer click debounce on vehicles.
  • fixed the issue where when you try to adjust camera on mobile it changes the direction of the plane.
  • fixed vip planes spawning in center of map.
  • added hidden moyai shrines.
  • added raycast capability to bomb sight so it should aim MUCH better.
  • added walkspeed inhibitor; people stealing the flag move 12.5% than regular players so they can be caught up to, and resets when they drop or capture the flag.
  • added player light auras, so you can see in the dark a bit.
  • added coordinate reading to vehicle GUIs so you can see where you are in the world.
  • added realistic detail. avatar now faces where your camera is facing, your body in first person, your body shadow in first person, walk sounds, lens flare, etc. and other realistic features.
  • added night vision and infrared camera modes. Press N to toggle night vision, press H for infrared, press either once toggled to untoggle once active. it works in all vehicles, and is removed when you get out of them. they also have toggle sounds. also has mobile support.
  • added a special toggled aim mode for mobile. it works in all vehicles. you can switch between regular and aim mode in the vehicle GUI. in aim mode, the vehicle steers towards an aim reticle crosshair. the crosshair is a bit above the center of your screen, but moves to the center when in first person. included in controls gui.
  • added navigation lights. press L to toggle them. added in all planes, they are not in turrets. also has mobile support. included in controls gui.
  • Added an IED gamemode. the gamemode is structed like classic mode but centered around a spherical device. the device beeps ryhtmically in accordance to how close the device is to a base. when the device is very close to either base, it will start to beep so quickly that it sounds like a constant tone. that is the moment the device detonates identically to the nuke. there is also a green marker that blinks in sync with the beep. the green marker is at the center of the device and can be seen from any point on the map. the device spawns at (0, 1000, 0) when the round begins and will hover there until moved by players. the device has an idle sound. vip planes cannot move the device. the device is semi transparent and spinning rings can be seen in the center. the device is (15, 15, 15) in size. once active planes are within 400 studs, a faint beam can be seen developing between the plane and the device. white in color, it has the appearance of lightning. it gets brighter the closer the plane is to the device. 400 studs is the minimum range a plane has an effect on the device’s movement. it gets progressively stronger has the plane gets nearer to the device. the speed of the device has no influence on planes, nor vice versa. the device moves like it is the subject of a magnet, the magnet being the active plane. if the attraction of the plane is removed (i.e. plane is destroyed or turned off), the lead is exhausted, and will follow the path it was taking prior to once it stops, it does not fall, it hovers. the device cannot move lower than 0 studs and further than 5000 studs on the XYZ planes. the attraction force to a plane is derived from the distance between the device and the mass of the plane.
  • fixed team balancing
  • fixed 1 blue orb required for team reward
  • fixed powerup spawnrate
  • nerfed towplane price
  • re-added maps
  • nerfed infinite ammo in vip planes
  • maps are fixed
October 19th, 2021
  • fixed blue powerup reward amount for real this time
  • fixed gui staying if you died while seated in something
  • fixed votekick timer
  • added a feature to votekick so that kicked players are banned from said server
  • fixed an error with vehicle gui
  • fixed regen area despawning other planes on spawners
  • fixed IED lean error
  • fixed ied script not being disabled when not in use
  • fixed planes not destroying after dying
  • fixed flare ammo not saying infinite when infinite powerup is obtained
  • fixed tutorial menu not appearing
  • fixed rare eject not detecting floor bug
  • fixed drone target bug
  • fixed a votekick gui handout bug
  • changed votekick keys from H, N to J, K
October 23rd, 2021
  • nerfed the warthog
  • fixed drones not working if autoturrets or groundturrets were deployed by either teams
  • fixed plane camera mode mobile buttons
  • fixed aimmode not working on plane turrets and ground turrets
  • fixed ground turret not moving
  • fixed game breaking after two rounds
  • fixed losing gamepass gear when team switched
  • fixed only one player getting newly bought shop gear
  • fixed plane turret directional crosshair colliding with plane
  • ied movement should be fixed
  • fixed a disconnect issue with the turrets and planes
  • fixed the gui getting stuck on screen if you were in a plane or turret when round ends
  • fixed a superball spawn bug
  • fixed a parachute spawn bug
  • fixed a jetpack spawn bug
  • fixed a turret cloak bug
  • fixed the red troop transport
  • fixed an emoji chat frame bug
  • fixed an emoji chat ui constraint bug
  • fixed the controls menu double click bug
  • controls button now changes color to catch people’s eyes.
  • fixed flare icon not changing to ammo amount after infinite ammo powerup
  • fixed bomb reticle
  • fixed the heavy bomber
  • buffed heavy bomber bomb ammo from 20 → 30
  • nerfed heavy bomber maxspeed from 120 → 80
  • buffed stealth bomber bomb ammo from 15 → 20
  • nerfed stealth bomber maxspeed from 100 → 85
  • buffed bomber bomb ammo from 10 → 15
  • nerfed bomb maxspeed from 100 → 90
  • nerfed scout maneuvering, they should be easier to shoot now
  • fixed the main script breaking rare bug
  • fixed the hp bug
October 24th, 2021
  • added voicechat
  • fixed network ownership of weapons, they should function much better now
    added menu tip for discord server and group
  • fixed a turret owner bug
  • fixed two emoji chat bugs
  • fixed a drone targeting bug
  • fixed a hitmarker issue
  • fixed a “that is not your plane” gui issue
  • fixed terrain oddities around the bases on canyon and hill maps
  • added terrain base ramps to canyon and hill maps
  • plane nametags are now obscured by obstacles
  • seats on the troop transport now face outwards so you are essentially a vietkong doorgunner now
  • added ladder to troop transport spawn
  • fixed roof turrets
October 31st, 2021
  • roblox is fully open, and my update is now out:
  • superball now works flawlessly
  • rocket launcher works flawlessly
  • fixed drone prices
  • fixed a bug where you could get plane turret to keep firing if you held down F while getting out of the turret
  • boosted blast pressure of timebomb
  • boosted blast pressure of rocket launcher
  • topbar hp bars are now solid colors instead of flags
  • buffed the slingshot firerate from 0.2 → 0.1
  • trimmed every map from (10000, 1000, 10000) to (6000, 1000, 10000). should make maps less laggier, - faster to load, easier to navigate, and allows me to add the other maps into the pool.
  • readded swamp and mountain maps to map pool, removed dune map, for a total of 7 maps.
  • added a “map is loading” notification so you are reassured that your game is not crashing.
    updates to notification feed
  • fixed some ui appearing when in menu
  • rewrote IED so it should work if multiple people are interacting with it at once
  • fixed a controls button bug.
  • controls list now appears automatically when you get into a plane or turret, and you close it if you want to.
  • fixed a sticky accelerate/deaccelerate button issue
November 2nd, 2021
  • many, many fixes to ui text scaling issues for both teams on all menus and other shop issues
    by default, mobile buttons appear as text, but the can be toggled to icons now. this means players will actually know what the icons represent when on mobile lmfao. updated for both planes and turrets
    further improvements to the tutorial, including:
  • remade tutorial
  • fixed tutorial not appearing when starting game
  • tutorial is now concealed behind menu transitions so it looks much cleaner
  • adjusted close button
  • added a color changing border
  • fixed winrate stat calculation equation, win or lose a match for it to take effect
  • fixed KDR stat calculation equation, kill or die for it to take effect
  • fixed feed not being visible in main menu
  • readded dunes to map pool, so all 7 maps are finally running, it couldn’t run them before because the game was so big to upload
  • fixed votekick always kicking wrong person lol
November 5th, 2021
  • nerfed speester
  • fixed nuke and speedster spawning issues, planeholder issues
  • adjusted how planes are repaired on home bases. all planes now take a maximum of 50 seconds to fully heal if they were at 0 health. they also no longer repair if your hp exceeds your plane’s maxhp (due to upgrades)
    fixes to votekick, including:
  • name match issues
  • voting period length issues
  • can’t be called more than once
  • ui issues
  • you can no longer call two votekicks in a row
  • massive changes to plane regen system, including:
  • much more efficent code, will perform better at plane detection and creating planes
  • the code now adapts to the size of the plane spawner automatically, meaning planes in other spawners will not accidently be deleted when you spawn a plane in a neighboring spawner, and has a perfectly sized footprint of the spawner
  • better detection of the regen pad, will not pass accidential signals
  • improvements to mountains map, including clearing terrain out of the way of the base, and adding ramps
  • fixed aerial bomb not throwing parts around
  • fixed the game breaking after a round (???)
  • fixed the teamkillable reactors, skyscrapers, and auto turrets not working
  • fixed the drone controller and votekick not being visible
November 6th, 2021
  • fixed votekick
  • fixed a seat error bug
  • fixed a hitdetection issue
  • fixed an issue with putting gear in backpack while seated
  • fixed artifacted blue troop transport build
  • fixed issues with the hover plane spawners and how they could charge you more than once for the same plane
  • fixed a rare issue with players seated and dmaage
  • fixed a rare cloak reloading issue
  • fixed an issue with removing guis off screens when planes are removed
  • fixed a gamepass gear issue
  • fixed the issue where you could spawn on the reactor repair pad, which would use up your points
  • fixed a drone targeting issue that broke the drone and caused a lot of lag
  • fixed a bug where the master script could break or error if someone didnt have the topbar loaded
  • fixed an issue with the team shop opening
  • fixed team balancing
  • fixed a hit detection issue, that should make dealing damage a bit more crisp
November 10th, 2021
  • fixed vehicle owner label not changing color when you get in it if you changed teams
    nerfed superspeed from 3 * maxspeed > 1.5 * maxspeed (this was rediculous) so this shouldn’t cause rediculous issues anymore
  • advanced plane models have rockets and missiles now. (advanced fighter, advanced scout)
    advanced scout has: 5 missiles, 10 rockets
    advanced fighter has: 5 missiles, 15 rockets
    that means there are now four different planes with rockets and missiles
  • fixed an issue where if nobody voted on a mode or two or more modes had equal votes, game would break. game now chooses random mode if this happens
  • fixed speed upgrades not working if you had superspeed while you got them
  • fixed drone gui not disappearing when round ends, and that you couldn’t buy new drones
  • added clouds
  • huge changes to planes. every plane now handles differently, some roll faster or slower, some “respond” or maneveur easily or hardly. this is a total shakedown for flying though, and should make dogfighting quite different.
  • fixed the issue where if your plane crashed, fell into the void, deleted in the regen area, or was destroyed at end of round, the gui no longer sticks around. this applies to turrets too.
  • fixed superspeed, again
  • updates to votekick, including:
  • message that convict has been kicked out of server
  • a message if you did not enter a name into the votekick command properly.
November 12th, 2021

Huge Functionality Update
all maps originally began as 10,000 x 10,000 studs. i added more maps as time went on, and about a month ago i made them 10,000 x 6,000 (skinnier, not shorter). with this update, i have resized the maps to 5,000 x 5,000 studs, and have introduced two new maps: lavascape, and a world map, which has a mix of every biome. this brings the total map count to nine different maps. this upgrades performance, making the game less laggy, shrinking loading times, and improving FPS, among other things. it also increases player density, which in-turn improves game activity as players are more engaged, making combat more intense, the game fast paced, etc. this should extremely overhaul the game.

i have boosted the server size from 16 to a staggering 30 players, which is the limit for voicechat, but also a factor of almost 100% in previous server size. this should make the game feel much more alive and engaging.

every plane now has 1.5x the firerate it did previously, this should make dogfighting much more fun. the inaccuary of the guns has also been altered, and is now about twice as inaccurate, which sounds like a lot but really is not. this allows your bullets to cover a greater spread, meaning that no longer is dogfighting the act of threading a needle. this should make the game much more enjoyable for everyone by lowering the skill floor.

powerups now spawn within (-1500, 200, -2500), (1500, 800, 2500). this is a much smaller area than previously, making the collection of powerups easier then ever before. it should be worthwhile to now scavenge powerups. the powerup spawnrate is now 1, meaning that sixty powerups spawn on the map in a minute.

November 13th, 2021
  • fixed invulnerable typo
  • maxhp, maxammo, etc. upgrades now give hp and ammo as well
  • fixed missile freezing
  • you can now reload/repair with your engine on as long as it’s at 0 speed
  • massive changes to plane turrets, they should perform much better now
  • fixed an issue with hill and capture point leans
  • fixed an issue with cloak reloads
November 15th, 2021
  • fixed an issue with gamepass shop
  • fixed a peculiar missile issue
November 21st, 2021
  • Update; Aircraft carrier released
    I deleted the original announcement from yesterday because it was a flop. I posted this late last night after working on a patch, and then deleted it because I was having serious technical problems while trying to get it out again. I fixed countless issues yesterday, but so many more were discovered and solved this morning, and so the carrier should now work perfectly. thank you for your patience and have fun bros, this thing is really cool, imo one of the coolest builds i’ve seen on roblox in a while. and lol the work for this project started less than a week ago today, so if that’s not the fastest dev on roblox, I don’t know what is. update also arrives with many fixes to other content, and a vast restructuring of the game internally.

  • many, many fixes

  • also, a new techpoint/minute indicator

  • bullets are now 10x weaker at damaging reactor

  • bullets now give off a light aura

November 25th, 2021
  • fixes to ui on smaller screens
  • fixed votekick/overthrow
  • fixed tech point / minute indicator
  • no longer need to have engine active to accelerate/deaccelerate
  • plane no longer spins to follow a different direction when you deselect aimmode
  • fixed aimmode button looking funny
  • control buttons are no longer rainbows as they are always visible now
  • fixed plane steering with mobile, it now follows taps and not long presses, and can’t fire accidently if you hit a GUI. also applies to turrets
  • fixed aimmode steering issues
  • fixed carrier shield hp issues, and shield not destroying
  • fixed the planes not spawning if you moved the carrier, also fixed the plane spawner deletion regions as they did not update when the spawner got moved. as an honest humble brag this stuff is really advanced and im proud of it, you don’t find this type of stuff anywhere else
  • added beautiful new round pictures (blue base for classic, captures hill for KOTH, ABC for domination, IED for IED, Carrier for Aircraft carrier)
  • many other small fixes
November 28th, 2021
  • analytics are now running! I can now see all sorts of data and stats about the game (i just got the basics set up and running, but i will actually start tracking the stuff in the flowchart soon)
    will help to figure out what players are doing and what choices they make.
  • fixes to round pictures
  • performance improvements by disabling a few server scripts when not in use
  • new “start here” arrows over the fighter spawn to help guide noobs to where they need to be. deletes itself after you regen your first fighter, and resets every round.
  • made it even clearer in the controls menu that Y WILL START THE PLANE AND W WILL SPEED IT UP
  • fixed A10 and towplane spawner
  • fixed a tp/m typo
December 3rd, 2021

powerups dont spawn as fast (2 seconds)

  • planes have had flare counts altered: 20 * NumGuns
  • chance of missile being fooled by flare: 5% → 25%
  • broken base parts now delete after being broken for 20 seconds
  • missiles turn a bit slower
  • Planes now immediately start with 100% throttle and speed when regenerated.
December 5th, 2021
  • i wrote a new mover code for bullets and flak so they have major improvements to hit detection at close ranges. previously shooting objects very close with your guns did nothing, but this should fix that. this is a major improvement to the game and should make combat much more enjoyable. you should notice that particle effects and sounds for weapons are vastly improved, such as bullet collision effects appearing on objects shot at close ranges whereas previously they never registered.
  • improved aim mode steering.
  • fixed the carrier glass turning solid after you got out of carrier seat (@ark)
  • fixed the issue where turning off aim mode would spin the plane
  • fixed carrier parts breaking in explosions
  • atmospheric changes to lavascape map, should look pretty now
  • fixed plane flames not starting when spawning new plane
  • fixed a problem with the “start here” gui
  • also another general improvement to autoturret shooting.
  • buffed rocket rate on advanced fighter from 5sec → 1 sec
  • buffed rocket rate on advanced scout from 5sec → 1 sec
  • autoturrets now raycast from the barrel to their target, so that if their is blocked by something else it wont just fire at it aimlessly, it will just stop and wait. pretty cool if you ask me
December 12th, 2021
  • flare firerate has been buffed from 1 second → 0.5 second across all planes
  • fixed names of vip planes
  • fixed autoturret price changing
  • nerfed vip hover plane speeds from 120 → 80
  • fixed old buy menus showing from previous game if you left then rejoined
  • slight body work on carriers
  • i tried to add conveyor belts to aircraft carrier, but they don’t work.
December 18th, 2021


  • fixed a tagging issue
  • revamped plane crash code
  • buff to slingshot reloading from 0.2 → 0.1
  • fixes to topbar, also invisible in race mode
  • major improvement to hit detection on the reactors
  • new pictures for most gamepasses, the look much better.
  • finally fixed flare directions, so they don’t go in bizarre directions depending on where your plane is going. they now have a engineered inaccuracy
  • improvements to night vision and infrared


  • new lap stat. tracks how many laps you have made.
  • new races played stat. everytime you play a race it adds one.
  • new team race win stat. tracks how many times your team won the race.
  • new time played stat. it tracks how much time you’ve played the game.
  • new checkpoint stat. tracks how many checkpoints you have flown through.
  • new first place win stat. tracks how many times you come first in the race.
  • new IEDs detonated stat. if your plane is moving the IED the moment it detonates, you will be awarding one of these.


  • added a handheld flaregun. used as a help signal, can also confuse missles.
  • new water map. total map count is now ten.
  • new race plane - new special plane for the race mode.
  • new race mode - fly through gates to help your team win in this new mode. special map layouts for each of the ten maps.
  • new shielder plane - a durable plane. it has no weapons, but it spawns with a durable shield. planes in close proximity are granted a shield from this plane. to take down the other planes, the shielder plane must first be destroyed.
  • new cutlass plane - it’s the newest weapons technology the world has seen! ranged planes! these planes only have swords on the wings, so you must get up close and personal to deal damage. moves medium speed, and has a decent amount of health.
  • added new stuff to shop menu
December 21st, 2021
  • major improvements to tutorial.
  • the game now starts off with you having the ability to select the round. also improvements to master script.
  • major improvements to plane/turret ui for pc and mobile.
    allow to me reiterate that the ui has seriously been improved: playing the game via mobile now is finally acceptable. for the first time its actually possible to properly play the game
  • you can now see a help menu in the game other than the tutorial when you first join.
  • added new planes to powerup rolls.
  • improvements to functional ui in planes/turrets.
  • fixed the light button toggle for mobile devices.
  • fixed the heal reactor pads in carrier mode.
  • fixed the flags in carrier mode.
  • pw2 has its first badge, it’s a secret.
  • you guys asked and i delivered: the turrets have been seriously refurbished. the turrets now follow your mouse without clicking, and feel much smoother. plane turrets deal much more damage then normal plane guns now because as you know they are very hard to use. plane turrets now deal 3x the damage regular guns do.
  • fixed an issue with using other’s planes after they unlock them.
  • fixed race plane spawner.
  • voting period is now 30 seconds.
January 5th, 2022
  • fixed flaregun being removed from inventory at end of round
  • powerups are 50% bigger now
  • blue and yellow powerups now give you notifcations that you collected them
  • fixed a few non colliding parts on shielder
  • fixed a gui issue with plane turret guis and infinite ammo
  • fixed an issue with getting players out of planes they dont own
  • fixed an issue where on the rare chance menu buttons would not appear
  • also fixed the rare issue where the black camera blinker in the main menu would get stuck partially visible when spawning, making your screen really dark
  • fixed an issue with drones shooting
  • fixed an issue with drone targeting troop transport
  • added cutlass and shielder to vip powerup rewards
  • fixed explosions
  • fixed the domination round title
  • recolored ladder on vip frigate
  • fixed the flags
  • fixed the vip shielder
  • fixed an issue with leaving planeturret seats
  • fixed an issue with planeturret speed readings
  • fixed the control list on turrets
  • fixed the bomb sight visible on turrets
  • fixed flaregun deleting when changing teams
  • fixed main menu buttons appearing
  • fixed main menu blinker (again)
  • moved the spawnbox under the map, there is now no way to access it from the game
  • fixed pushing aircraft carrier under the map
  • fixed an issue with the map collider
  • fixed the reactors not starting a new round
  • fixed the spawners behaving strangely and sometimes putting you outside the box
  • fixed the buttons not appearing on a rare occasion in main menu
  • fixed an issue with healing reactors for new rounds
  • fixed misc shop items not spawning
  • fixed the blue autoturrets despawning
  • fixed you being able to destroy your teams roof turret
  • fixed plane turret gui name
January 6th, 2022
  • fixed the reactor bars not filling back up at end of rounds, which fixed the round system, which fixed the timer, which fixed the buy menu in next rounds
  • powerups now have a light aura so they are more visible in the sky.
  • powerups now stop spawning if there are fifty powerups in the sky.
  • new “gamepass only” sign over vip planes so noobs dont get confused anymore.
  • fixed domination and koth mode, i accidently forgot to re-enable a script.
  • made hitmarker and kill sounds a bit louder
  • increased turning speed of starter fighters
  • fixed the topbar throwing errors at the end of rounds
  • fixed the wait sequence at end of rounds (it would count down from 30 seconds, but at 10 seconds, it would cut prematurely and go to 30 seconds for the voting period)
  • fixed the markers that indicate the round type you voted for staying visible from previous round when next voting session begins
  • fixed dropped flags from previous rounds sticking around if players had the flag when the round ended
  • fixed hiding the topbar in racemode
  • shortened the blast radius on exploding planes so it doesn’t onetap the whole base
  • ADDED CAMERA SHAKE! Explosions of all kind now throw your camera.
January 7th, 2022
  • fixed an issue with applying night vision and infrared.
  • fixed “gamepass only” sign on blue aircraft carrier.
  • fixed night vision or infrared not going away when you eject.
  • camera now shakes when you eject, when you’re hit by autoturret, IED, and drone.
  • improvements to hit detection on autoturret, IED, and drone explosions.
  • fixed the wingsmoke on the bombers.
  • all enemy drones, players, and planes explode or die if they touch the friendly aircraft carrier shield.
  • fixed carrier reactor teams.
  • rewelded carrier reactors, they shouldn’t break apart now.
  • new turrets on either side of base that are indestructible. to help defend and promote defending. I can see them being very helpful in IED mode.
  • fixed round not ending when race is over.
  • buffed flak detonation radius by 20%.
  • added a shift to sprint key. will help getting from the spawn to plane spawners quickly, and also stealing flags.
  • drones now go for planes that are cloaked.
  • drones stop when they are a distance away from their target, and will stare at them, and will shoot it if the target’s team doesn’t match the drone’s team.
  • drones now target players who aren’t in planes.
  • fixed a hit issue.
  • fixed an issue with infinite ammo and planeturrets.
January 8th, 2022
  • fixes to new base turrets
  • new icon and thumbnail for destroy the wall
  • server now owns network ownership of aircraft carrier, meaning the carrier should be much less laggy for the people on it when the captain is moving it
  • small fix to drone targeting
  • new rear guns to bomber class and other slow moving planes: there is now 1 rear gun for every forward gun on these planes, and they are there to bring down pursuing enemy planes. controlled by pilots.
  • fixed carrier shields not killing enemy players, blowing up planes or drones
  • fixed the buymenu not appearing if the carrier was moved
  • fixed the replenishment zone not replenishing planes if the carrier was moved
  • fixed an issue with menu markers
  • fixed another issue with network ownership on the carriers
  • plane spawning on carriers should be fixed
January 9th, 2022
  • enemy players can no longer use friendly base turrets
  • fixed votekick
  • carrier buyzones should be fixed
  • finally fixed carrier flags
January 10th, 2022
  • added a new secret chat command that does something interesting
  • fixed carrier shields not disappearing after they are destroyed
  • carrier shields now short out when they touch
  • finally fixed IED. ever since making the gamemode, trying to find the right equation to make it work was literally impossible. you may remember that at first i used constraints but that meant only one person could control it, and so if somebody else came into the range of influence, their plane would fall to the ground and explode. that was because of network ownership.

as a result i had to use math to move it, so i made this really dumb but temporary code for it, and so that’s why the IED looked fine if one person had it (aside from speeding towards you at the speed of light when you first enter its range of influence) but it would zip around the map like crazy if somebody else entered the range.

but today I have solved that so finally after months of being a half-assed gamemode it actually functions as something well.

January 11th, 2022
  • fixed carrier shields being invincible.
  • fixed the game breaking shielder bug.
  • fixed drone targeting.
  • new badge, and changes to the secret chat command.
  • votekick, overthrow, or other commands no longer appear in the chat.
January 13th, 2022
  • changed MaxDistance of plane billboards from 2500 → 750 so names arent visible from across the map.
  • each cloak is now 50% longer.
  • boosted carrier shield hp from 5000 → 15000.
  • made it more obvious that carrier shields break.
  • a few changes to further improve the secret chat command.
  • tighted boundaries on area aircraft carrier can maneveur in.
  • fixed plane turrets.
  • fixed invulnerable powerup not working.
  • fixed another issue with drone targeting.
  • fixed aimmode causing some planes to pull up.
  • fixed carrier shield taking damage when not on.
  • fixed carrier shield blocking shots when not on.
  • fixed the topbar throwing client errors like crazy when round begins.
    not only was carrier movement fixed, but a few improvements to steering have been made.
    fixed an issue that happened sometimes when you would click mobile buttons and it would steer your plane or turret towards the place the button was over when you clicked it, even though you were just pressing a button and NOT steering the plane or turret.
  • finally fixed the carrier zones. the problem was it used an old api that had since been deprecated that was quite limited in ability. it only took vectors (i.e. positions) and not cframes which meant that it didn’t take orientations, meaning that rotating the carrier wouldn’t rotate the carrier zones. aside from this, the position of the zones were not updating as the carrier moved. a lot of deleted code and annoying math later and it finally works, and one of the most notorious bugs pw2 has had so far is defeated.
January 14th, 2022
  • data has been wiped.
  • fixed spawnbox spawners.
  • fixed the wins, losses, and race checkpoint stats. from now on, stats should be much more accurate -now that the game is much more stable.
  • finally fixed the bomb reticle. this was one of pw2’s most evasive bugs, but I have finally solved it. With this fix comes:
  • the reticle now casts onto the object it is over, so that you don’t need to be looking straight down with your camera to see exactly where the reticle is saying the bomb will land, and now you can see that it’ll show almost like a big “X” (metaphorically) indicating the exact spot it’ll hit regardless of where your camera is.
  • much more accurate distance calculation.
  • no matter the distance, the position is exact.
  • much more smoother.
    fixed carrier being invincible
    fixed an issue with the shielder
    fixed collider not being removed at end of round
January 18th, 2022

Weather system
Weather cycle features:

  • 24-minute day/night cycle, featuring a night sky full of stars, including a full moon cycle.
  • Cloud weather mode with three different intensites along with other atmosphere effects.
  • Sunny weather mode with three different intensites along with other atmosphere effects.
  • Rain weather mode. rain mode blurs a lot of your surroundings, and also has a 25% chance for a lightning or hail storm. every second has a 10% for a lightning strike, 3% for a double lightning strike, 1% for a triple lightning strike. lightning strikes kill players and start fires. close proximity to a lightning strike flashes your screen and shakes your camera.
  • Snow weather mode which is a lot like rain except it’s just snow, and hard to see through.
  • Foggy weather mode which is just foggy and hard to see through.
  • each weather type has a special skybox.
  • plenty of sounds for each weather type.
January 21st, 2022
  • major adjustments to weather system and all weather types, should work much better and look nicer
  • base turrets now have 5k hp and are destructible, they do not respawn (prolly gonna change this later but im too lazy to do it now, just changed it so its acceptable)
  • fixed the hit marker appearing when shooting carrier regardless of shield deployed or not
  • removed the account age restriction
  • fixed an issue with carrier breaking master script on occasion which breaks whole game
  • fixed the carrier shield being toggleable even after its destroyed