Plane won't adopt correct rotation to thrust in

I want my plane to move in the correct direction.

I have a plane that flies fine; however, when the plane’s rotation is shifted via vector forces and torques, the plane continues to go in its original direction. It will eventually slow down and then face the correct direction, but this takes far too long and is not really acceptable for the plane to fly correctly.

I have changed the equation around and tried to multiply thrust but the direction the plane is facing, but so far, nothing has really given good results.

Plane directional force not working - YouTube —Video of the plane not adopting the correct direction of the force.

	Thrust = ThrustVAL.Value
	ThrustForce.Force =,0,Thrust)

Code where Thrust is set/the equation. Thrust is equal to 100 and is applied on the back of the plane via a vector force. Hopefully, I can figure out a solution or at least figure out what I am doing incorrectly to make the plane pitch itself appropriately. I will add that I have a body gyro keeping the plane stable, and its CFrame is the frontal facing part of the base of the plane. I do not this has any bearing on the plane’s behavior, but it may be worth adding.

I think because it’s only going to the Z direction, so it doesn’t go sideways, you can use LookVector to solve this.

If you have any questions, ask.

Thank you for the response!

I am curious about how I should apply this here because the solution’s example uses a CFrame. I was wondering what I should do to make it a vector3.