Plants Vs Zombies Fan Game | [Devlog]

Additional gamemodes are something that i’ve been considering on adding recently! :grinning: :+1: The reason I am making this game is for the same reason of there not being any good remakes on roblox too lol

Well can’t wait for the game’s release then :sunglasses:.

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Been a while :frowning:

Progress is still going though! I’m planning on sending a bigger log sometime this week but for now heres the progress

Main reason progress has been slow is that there’s been a ton of optimizations this week and no actual new features

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9/13/23 DEVLOG

The game is now playable! Kinda. Zombies can be spawned and plants can defend! Zombies are also now animated. Peashooter and Sunflower have also been rebalanced to a playable state.

Next devlog should be one of the last Zombie related devlogs. For now, much more to come on everything else! as you also can see, the map is very lackluster. I am hoping on getting an actual backdrop by next devlog too. :grin:


This is AMAZING!!! I’ve always had a love for PvZ and I’m so happy it’s getting the respect it deserves, great job!

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This looks so good! Would love to have some twists to make the gameplay a bit different from pvz though, just to make it feel like pvz but just with some freshness and new features to it

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