Plasma Builders - Game Handbook

Plasma Builders

Plasma Builders Inc

This handbook is written by the Developers+ of Plasma Builders.

Here we have a few simple rules to follow. They’re very easy to follow and as such violations will be punished fairly strictly.

Do note that we have NOTHING to do with Pinewood Builders.

General Rules

  • You must always follow the Roblox Community Rules. This is to keep our games clean. This will lead to a warning, temp ban, game ban or global ban, depending on the action you have done.

  • It is forbidden to use exploits or glitches. This is in order to keep the user experience fun and to avoid seeing random people flying around the map. This will lead to a direct global ban and will be reported to Roblox staff.

  • Spawnkilling is not allowed and will lead to you getting a warning to a temp ban. If a neutral kills you, give them a warning and if they are still going, kill them. If a neutral kills you in an event, give them a warning and ask the event host for KoS on that user.

  • Do not spam in the chat, this will just be annoying for other users and will result in a game mute.

  • Bypassing the Roblox chat filter is not allowed and will lead to you getting a temp ban, this is to keep our experiences family-friendly.

Handbook Edited: 2023-04-18