Plasma Builders - Handbook for developers

Plasma Builders

Official Development Handbook

Last updated: 5/9/2023

Written by stuff_today1234B

Note that breaking main PLB rules may lead to your status as a developer being revoked.

Table of contents

1. Developer-to-developer rules

2. Studio rules

3. Developer selection procedure

4. Developer Compensation

5. Misconduct resolution

6. Consensus

7. Miscillanious

Developer-to-developer rules

  • At PLB, we want everyone to feel respected and be able to work efficently with others.

These rules govern relations between developers. Breaking these may result in demotion.

1. Instigating drama between yourself and others is strictly forbidden (Such as starting arguements).

2. Do not leak development-related materials without authorization.

3. Treat others with respect. Do not harrass others or cause unwanted distress.

4. Follow all PLB rules unless explicitly stated otherwise here.

5. (this shouldn’t have to be said) Do not use your rank as leverage over others.

6. Do not threaten others in any capacity.

7. Don’t break the law (Don’t do things here that are literally illegal in major juristictions)

8. Follow Roblox and Discord TOS.

9. Admin use ingame should only be for development or testing purposes

10. Do not discriminate on others based on physical attributes, status, etc. etc.

11. Don’t use communication incorrectly (such as misusing the announcements channel)

– 11a. Don’t spam notifications to others.

Studio rules

  • We don’t want disruptions, security vulnerabilities, nor poor quality work in the development enviroment.

1. Do not import or place “Free models” from the toolbox or any other source, no exceptions.

2. Refrain from touching assets that other developers are working on (without their permission)

3. Do not modify scripts not made by you if you do not know what you are doing.

4. It is forbidden to leak PLB assets from the game.

5. Do not use PLB assets for your own use, unless you are the author of such material.

6. Developers should communicate large additions or deletions from the game before any action is taken.

7. “Easter eggs” or other joke items should be unobstructive and not degrade the game’s performance. Such items should follow roblox TOS and be suitable for all ages.

– 7a. “Easter eggs” should be small and low in number

– 7b (EXEMPTION). “Easter eggs” inside development offices are exempt from 7a.

– 7c. Easter eggs implemented via script are still subject to all applical parts of 7.

8. Do not give access of the studio to unauthorized users (may also violate 4.)

9. Developer-to-developer rules apply to roblox and studio chat.

Violations may result in temporary suspension from development activities.

Developer selection procedure

Developer Compensation

Misconduct resolution



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