Plates Mania - What do you think?

Hello everyone, I’ll need feedback for Plates Mania which is already out here: Plates Mania [BETA] - Roblox

If you have something to say about it, don’t hesitate to say so!

I’ll post some pictures below for people that would prefer to see it in screenshots, but I’d much rather for you to play the game if possible, but here are the pictures below!

Would my game be good enough for maintaining its playerbase? Any other comments are welcomed. Thank you!


This is game is really well made! I just played it and I think it can maintain a good enough playerbase if there is consistent updates.


There’s also a bug where the same player/team get the same effect. So like 3 players plates will grow, and it will show someone twice so Player 1, Player 1, Player 2.

I’ll take a look at it. Thank you for reporting!

The game is great the only complaints I have are that the gravity effects end up effecting all the players including the people in the lobby which makes doing the obbys harder. The second thing is I wish the GUI on the left of the screen were different colors then just gray. Nice game, keep working on it and updating it and it will be a really fun game!

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Thank you! Will definitely have that suggestion in mind, and I’ll try to fix that issue for lobby players.

I believe your building is very good and should work for your player base. It can still receive improvements but it isn’t bad at the time being.

I’m a big fan of the original plates of fate and I think this game does it justice. There is a bug i’ve noticed where you don’t get teleported into a new round if you’re on the conveyor belts. I personally don’t think the music is all too fitting, but that one is very subjective.

I love the guis and the building a lot, but I think the guis that pop up in the middle of the screen (When a new round starts, or when a round is over) should not be there as long as they are, or they should atleast be togglable by the player.

I can definitely see this game being on the front page at some point in the future, insane work! Looking forward to playing it again soon!

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Thank you, I’m a fan of the original plates of fate too! Glad to see someone who played the original one but the game died down due to exploiters eventually. I think I’ve rolled an update to fix that bug, but hopefully it’s fixed by then. Do you mean the GUIs that pops up should have a close button?

I needed some motivation to see if it’s worth updating in the future as it has potential, currently it doesn’t have much attention at the moment but hopefully it’ll get noticed more in the future. Thanks for your time to send your feedback, it really helps!

Also, I wish knowing why there is a big like-to-dislike ratio, but I think it’s because of the bugs or somewhat unlucky that caused them to not win.

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The game is amazing! It gives me great summer vibes and a bunch of hype and excitement, can’t wait to see it on the front page! :grin:

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Thank you, however some of the kids doesn’t understand the game and would call it “copying” sadly. It was built on top of inspiration and some creativity.

i think the layout is very nice and its all really well built. im sure players will be sticking around to play it, not just for the lobby design, but the game concept is also very innovative. players love unique experiences :upside_down_face: overall, it has a great design! (the shadows cast by the plates is a nice touch, too :+1:)

To clarify, I did mean that the GUIs tat pop up should have a close button. I was honestly suprised at your like to dislike ratio, and I have no idea why it is that way. I did, of course, leave a like though! Good luck and please stay motivated, you definitely have something great here!

Alright, I have no idea either too! I’m currently trying to get the game a bit more players on its popularity but it tells me something is wrong with the game if it didn’t work out running sponsors/ads with a total of 40K lol. Thanks for the message!

Looking at your game, the design looks really nice. First pic reminds me of a popular roblox game I played a couple year ago (death run maybe?)
Your game seems to be the same or similar to already existing games but this doesn’t mean much, you just need to add a uniqueness to your game to draw people to it.
The plates look bland and you should add color or design to it. You should also try different trees.
The quests/obby part could use different material.
Overall… it looks good. You could maintain a playerbase by bringing something unique to the table. I suggest adding different gamemodes and maps. good luck & hope this helped

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I love the summer vibes inside here. Very well-made. Good Luck on the game! Nice work:)

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Thank you, I will try to add something twisty to the table and see if it would draw people in. For instance, mysterious events probably. I’d probably have grass plates to match the style, and for other dark themed, maybe a slate rock textured plate. Thanks, you guys helped me come up with more creative ideas I could try!