Plates of Fate remake

Hello devs!

I’ve been working on a plates of fate remake because i had nothing more to do.

I’m also working with my friend which he added useless events such as … and a plate that i cant explain called “This is a nightmare”

Anyways you need a friend or another player to play this game with, Expect bugs everywhere because its still on beta.

You can give any bug reports and suggestions about it, I would appreciate it!

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2 changes to make so far ;-;

  1. the game dosn’t stop when only one survived or all dies
  2. the reflection event really blind my eyes
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  1. I have playtested it with my friend and it seems like it only ends when the event ends if you know

  2. if you thought reflection was the worst try lighten

Thanks for bug reporting and suggesting changes for the game, It really means alot!

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