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I was thinking there should be a place to talk about other things rather than just development. For example a platform discussion. This would allow people to talk about limiteds, games, groups, and much more. This would help players discover the platform better. This would also mean players can find ways to develop better games because some of these things would explain how you fund roblox games and would be especially helpful to those.

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This is the developer forum, not the player forum. Make a group DM, or use Discord/Twitter.


This is already a category, and it’s called lounge:roblox-discussion, which is available to Regular+ status. We don’t need it to be unlocked by Members, just use Discord for that.


This would result with even more non-developers joining. If you remember the old forums, there was a reason they were removed.


Just imagine if lounge was unlocked for members… Oh my god…

But anyways, this would just make the Devforums the old forums which were thankfully removed. I believe there is another forum which people made as a Roblox forum replacement.

Probably equally as bad as the old ones, but it exists.


This is useless as you can use 3rd party programs like Discord or Twitter.

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There is a reason why it’s called the DevForums.


Not to knock this idea but there used to be something called the Roblox Forums. It was removed in 2017 and this idea basically seems like the same thing. The forums were removed with good reason and basically adding them back would be a bad idea.

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