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Hello, so I made a platform (The platform is unanchored) that moves the player using TweenService, AlignPosition (I just switched on ApplyAtCenterOfMass.), and AlignOrientation(I just left AlignType as PrimaryAxisParallel.), and I wanted it to stay still, but when the player touches the side of the platform, it rotates to the side. I have no idea how to fix this, can anyone help me?

If you set the max force/torque to be infinite, lower the max velocity, and set the responsiveness to max(200), you should be able to achieve this.

I did what you said, but I didn’t understand if it was supposed to go in Align or both, so I first put it in AlignOrientation, and it stayed the same. Then I put it in AlignPosition, and when I tested it, I would fall off the platform as if there was no physics.

Could you send pictures of both of the properties?

Sure, this is AlignOrientation:
And this is AlignPosition:

Could you send a place file? Physics are a little hard to test through forms, as they are separate from a lot of the coding aspects.

Try setting AlignType of your AlignOrientation to AllAxes so it applies to all axes instead of just the primary axis

It works, but what I want is for the platform to stay still and not rotate to any side, as if it were anchored. What happens when I set it to AllAxes is that when I jump on it, it flips downward, but then returns to its original position, which I don’t want.

Of course, here it is.
study of Tween.rbxl (50.3 KB)

(If you test it, you’ll see that it works, but if you jump from underneath/above the platform, you’ll see that it moves, and I don’t want that.)

Ah, try turning on RigidityEnabled on your align orientation, doing this should make it so the platform is basically impossible to rotate


Wow, that worked! Thanks for helping me, even though it was something simple, I’m a beginner after all XD

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