Platformer Moveset #3 (Huge Progress)

Ello, I’ve made more progress for my platformer.

Kinda buggy tho

- YouTube


If it says (Explain) I would appreciate if you explained.

Do you like my platfomer?
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  • It needs work (Explain)
  • No (Explain)

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Asked questions:
Did I use EgoMoose’s controller?
Answer: no

Will I sell this?
Answer: No

Will this game be released?
Answer Most Likely

Yes, I did code this all by myself


What even happened on 0:46

I love it, it looks very nice.

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Eh… I guess (Explain) Doesn’t mean much to people :confused:

Super 64%

This looks amazing, we need more platformers on roblox. Good luck!

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I Agree with your statement they are either good or old games.
All the good ones got taken down by Nintendo

That’s why I’m changing a lot of the idea.

Poll for future projects.

Should I make a tutorial on making a platformer?
  • Yes
  • No

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Disclaimer: I will not be giving a tutorial on this platformer It will be more of a “LoZ” style
It is possible I will make it on 10 upvotes.

YAYYY, Ten upvotes ALR guess what

i might make it…

I would play this game if it were to be released, it looks really good. :+1:

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