PlatformStand problem

Have a nice day, I’m making a ragdoll engine and I’m using the PlatformStand function for it. It will look like this:
The problem is that when the server tries to set PlatformStand to True, it succeeds, but during thorough testing, I found that when the HumanoidStatType on the client changes at that exact moment (for example: Jumping, Landed, Freefall, etc.), PlatformStand on the client does not set.
this is what the server see:
and this see player’s device
What could be done with it? Because it is a very important function that I need.


You could try to check from the server PlatformStand and if it’s off then activate it, I don’t have any other ideas sorry :person_shrugging:

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Actually, the problem is that when the server thinks it is in PlatformStand, a check like this is not possible.

Then sorry I’m not sure, maybe you can make a localscript that checks if the player is ragdolled and if not when it should be than make him ragdoled? Obviously it would be in the player
And every tot it would check if the server has the same Boolean m

If the boolean isn’t replicating, that means you’re doing it on the client. Try doing it on server instead.

Everything is done from the server and it is also replicated, but when the player jumps at the exact rom moment, it is not set (perhaps only for 0.001 seconds)

So I think you’ll have to do a local script as I said above

apparently yes, but it is strange that platformStand is set on the client, but then changes to another one. the local script can only be a temporary solution because I already know about some potential problems with it.


You should just do it all character manipulation on the client, if the problem is on the server. Does not matter if you do it on the server or not, since exploiters can change it either way.

What you could do to server-proof it, is to every .1 second, force them to be in platform stand and lay on the floor, until they’ve done whatever they need to do to get up.

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