Play animation on client for a combat system?

So my question is that I should play combat animations(punches) on client or on Server
The combat debounce and cooldown handled on server
I usually play the animations on the server because of the Animation events for hitbox
But i may do it wrong so just asking that instead of playing the animation on server should i play it on Client?

You could use a remote function to get the cooldown on the client side and play the animation when the cooldown is gone

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From what I know, there really isn’t a difference in playing animations on client on server unless it’s on an NPC. If it’s on an NPC, I suggest using a server script or it might not work.

Since animations get replicated on the client, if you play them on the client you should experience more performant and faster results. If you want to have the animations on the server and not have to worry about the animation taking time to load, I’d recommend you pre-load all of your animations on the client by using the “Content Provider” service. It’s generally up to you which ever you would want to do, both give you similarly smooth results in my opinion.