Play Before Join Group - Spam Prevention

We get a ton of those “This is an Official Roblox Message” spams to our wall. Wouldn’t it help if the group settings had a “Anyone who has played a group game” option for joining?

My hunch is that most of those spammers just troll for groups that don’t require manual approval. Actually having to play the game should be a deterrant.

Maybe someone can pass this onto the “Groups” group


I would just use requests in group settings but isnt really helpful as it lowers members in group but best for right now if your trying to solve a issue like this

Or you could get some admins and moderate the group wall and remove posts that are violations of Roblox Rules.

They can just join easily randomly and then leave just to join

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Something that could be more beneficial is the ability to ban certain keywords (e.g. “free”, “robux”), which gives you more control over these messages - I have a feeling that some of the accounts posting these wall spams are regular users that end up being compromised.


The problem that I have with this is that it will only help in specific cases. Most of those spams are done by bots, bots can also be made to join Roblox games, so I’m thinking this would be a case of adding a preventative measure only for the people that were supposed to be stopped by it to be inconvenienced with a few days of downtime before they’re back in full swing again. Not to mention, this would not stop manual spammers.

I think an implementation like this would be much better. I believe something like this would also be useful for groups that wish to prevent users from mentioning a rival group or other phrases on their wall without having to sit there and manually moderate every message 24/7.

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It’ll be a bit of a workaround, but this is soon possible with the join accept/deny API.

  • Cache a list of join requests every minute
  • If joined userid is in the list, accept join request

This solution requires an external server though, but allows for more flexible workflows (eg having to complete tutorial first, which bots can’t do)

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Groups in general are missing tons of basic features and this is one of them but I dont think that having a “Anyone who has played a group game” option would help much (considering bots can also join games) but a word blacklist would help. Roblox could let group owners choose what words should be filtered and put on some sort of manual accept.