Play cutscene for everyone in the server with a button click (Codes Otaku Cutscene Editor)

Hey everyone! So i recently came across a really helpful plugin with cutscenes and it’s working very well. I am currently working on a roleplay game for friends and it basically requires a host to be there, and I wanted to make it so that when someone clicks on a button that only appears to admins, a cutscene plays for everyone in the server and it can play as many times as the button is clicked. There doesn’t seem to be a feature in the plugin where it is activated with a button click and even if there were I don’t think it’d be server-sided. I’d really appreciate it if you help me out!

You could use a remote event to send the click of a button from the admins client to the server sided script where it would run the camera script.

Button fires Remote Event in server named like RequestGlobalCutscene, then a server script makes all required stuff like confirming that the user who clicked is admin, then make the Server Script fire another RE named PlayGlobalAnimation(:FireAllClients) and then make a local script listening to it and when it gets fired, play the cutscene

How do i do that exactly, sorry :sweat_smile:

Well, for example you can remoteEvent:fireallclients()
Check the roblox developer help on remote events, I can’t script on mobile rn

Can you explain further?
So far I’ve made a script that is a child of a button that fires a remote event:

local button = script.Parent
local Event = game.ReplicatedStorage.PlayCutscene


And I set the PlayOnRemoteEventFire property to the same RemoteEvent but it still doesn’t work for some reason
I’m not sure if that would make it play for everyone though

Do a local script, ur script is getting fired on the server - never do server Scripts in UI

I turned it into a local script and it doesn’t say anything on the output and it doesn’t work

Could you try adding something on the server script under the .OnServerFired part such as

print("Event Picked up by server")

To check that the remote event is actually being fired properly.

Make a local script inside the button, make sure the button is only accessible to you as peoples could otherwise spam it.

If you don’t have a remote event, make one inside ReplicatedStorage. I’ll demonstrate how it works.

Local script inside button

local button = script.Parent
local Event = game.ReplicatedStorage.PlayCutscene -- Let's say this is a RemoteEvent


Server sided script

local Event = game.ReplicatedStorage.PlayCutscene -- RemoteEvent

Event.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(player) --I put a player here since every RemoteEvent launched will include the player who sent it.
print("Success") --Make sure to check if RemoteEvent works.
--Your cutscene script.