Playability radio buttons are missing visuals in the Game Settings menu

When you open the Game Settings menu in studio and select the Permissions tab, you may notice that none of the options are selected. These are radio buttons however, so one of them is should be selected. but the visuals do not display until you click on one of them.

Edit: Abcreator correctly pointed out that this is related to the Access Type setting on the dashboard. It seems that this bug is basically being caused by the some missing feature.


Expected behavior

One of the buttons should have a small blue circle in them upon opening the tab.


Is there a chance that you have ‘friends only’ / ‘groups members only’ enabled on that experience? If I remember correctly those used to be options on that menu yet were since removed from the UI possibly causing scenarios such as this?


You are 100% right. The Access Type is currently set to ‘Group Members’ on the dashboard. If I change it to ‘Public’ the radio buttons are initialized correctly. Changing it back to ‘Group Members’ reverts it to the bug shown in the image.


There’s also a known bug where this happens when opening the Share menu. Team is working on fixing that this week so I’ll let them know about this as well in case it’s the same issue.


In the past, I remember seeing a few other options:

  • Group Only
  • Friends

They should be shown in studio (or “Public”) if selected.