PlaybackLoudness is wrong

Sound.PlaybackLoudness claims to be how loud the sound currently is

It is calculated before any effects. So it doesn’t represent that actual loudness of the sound at all.

I want to make an audio visualizer. My plan was to put different EQs on several copies of the same song, playing at the same point, and check each of their PlaybackLoudness values and represent them in an interface. That doesn’t work because the property doesn’t respect the EQs.

I think PlaybackLoudness should consider everything except the Volume property. This way making any audio visualization is trivial - just play the sound at volume 0 and check the property.


Can you pre-compute the visualizer and then have the effects displayed from a localscript? Pre-computed results are mobile-friendly and predictable.

If you can do this, you can use optimization algorithms or even human artistic ability to create your visualizers.

No, it relies on UGC so it has to be dynamic